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May 01, 2007



sounds like you're becoming a celebrity!
people think i'm much younger then i am all the time, atleast i can get awayy with buying a child's ticket for the bus.

your dyed shorts look nice, i think you should make them more individual and embroider some pretty patterns or flowers on them.

i agree about the kate moss collection, all of it was the same as she wears, besides most of that stuff could be brought similar much cheaper somewhere else.


5 people got pulled off my bus today for not having a ticket! i wish i could still pay child and get away with it!
and fab idea about doing something to the shorts- ah the possibilities, now i have to decide! Maybe some heart buttons instead of the white ones hmmmm

Gemma B


Just a quick question (adore your site by the way!!!) I have some white bits and bobs, namely a short white gypsy skirt thing, and you have inspired me to dye it yellow (my favourite colour!)....my question to you is......what was the 'yellow' that you used? I dont want it too rich if you know what I mean....I like the sharpness of the yellow you've used....blimmin heck what am I babbling on about?!!??

Hope to hear from you soon. thanks Selina!!

Gem xx


What a great idea! Love the yellow shorts - and the cassette necklace.


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