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June 19, 2007



Oh and I have those shoes too but i can't walk in them lol

Kat xx

wow - great dress i can barely make..... well anything! and yours in wayyy nicer than rehab lady's anyway! lol xx


I can't walk in them either!

Queen Michelle

Well done young madam! You MUST get yourself a sewing machine!


I am very very impressed! ;-) Why don't u use a belt for the skirt then?


i think the dress looks pretty dandy. i admire you as i'm far toooooooooooo lazy to make anything myself.


Oooooooh I love it!!!!! Looks lovellly!
I have been meaning to start making a dress for some time now...but i can never get round to it. I was wondering approx how much fabric do you buy??? x


I'm still not to sure it's going to see daylight! I got 2metres of fabric, but could have done with a little more, although the skirt has 2 layers


good job..I own the real one though :)




oohhh for someone without a machine, i think you did a great job. how did you ever sew in the seams? i'm a fashion student and i make clothes all the time, and i think what you made was quite admirable. :)


aw wow thank you! i took AGES,put it that way!

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