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July 08, 2007



im not sure what limiting age will do, your either healthy or your not but it does stop the exploitation of children.
but then again limiting models based on size is not the answer either, as it is possible to be size zero and healthy... rare but possible.
oh its all so conusing and does need thinking about/changing/somthing...
i dont know the answer, there must be one somwhere, and i guess everyone will keep looking.

the lipstick lady

i don't think there should be a ban... just more people in the agency's doing something about the really scarily skinny model's eating habits and health. or something. I'm not very good at this.
or maybe jsut more hiring of 'normal' women.

Sullen Girl

They shouldn't do a ban on "size zero" per-say, they should just make sure the models are HEALTHY. That means individual health checkups, bloodpressure checks, whatever. There are a ton of jobs where the employees have to be tiptop physical condition, this should be one of them :)

Ok, maybe anyone below a BMI of 16.9 should probably not be able to walk the runway. But a size zero is not always the same on different individuals.


I have no idea if banning is going to help, but honestly, seeing people that skinny doesn't make the clothes appeal to me. If they still had slim, but much healthier figures (such as models of days gone by) then things would be much better.

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