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bows on the brain

I posted a while ago about hair bows all over the catwalks and sort of forgot about the quest for a ginormous bow when being like a greedy kid in a sweet shop with all the other new trends. I spotted this stretchy head band with a huuuuge bow on it in Accessorize a few weeks ago but the only one on the shelf had a frayed edge, but as luck had it a perfect one was reduced to £3 in the sales yesterday. A sales girl was wearing one too and it didn't look that big on an actual head so I couldn't resist.

I've been lusting after this Peter Jenden bow (and dress... and whole collection...) forever and I'm pretty sure that's where the inspiration's from. The pictures don't really do justice to how it barely fits on my head but it works fabulously just sitting on the side like a frog on a lily pad!

If I tuck the bottom bits under, it stands tall like the Betsey Johnson one, but I think I look like batman this way, which may not be a bad thing if Luella is anything to go by...

I tried it around my head and it looked like a 20s/30's head piece with a silver H&M plaited band.

It was quite cool with hair in a really messy up do or just tied up for a more prim and proper, Gossip Girl look. The only bad thing is that it does defy my no black/white/grey purchases resolution so I'll have to head down to the market and make a rainbow variety with bits of satin!

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