too much, too little time
a sting in the tail

it's what's on the outside that counts... of the box, that is!

Which is worse- the three fake Chanel bags (not to mention the way too many Marc Jacobs' Stams to count) I spotted in one lecture today or the fact that I'm technically wearing packaging on my head?

I love hair bows to death and have worn one every day for about a three years, and a month ago I saw a real bow clip with the double C pin in the centre on eBay reach £65! Despite this being a possibly reasonable sum compared to the original price, this was way out of my price range and I had to watch the minutes count down without bidding, oh the pain. But I found some Chanel gift wrap on eBay a few days ago and saw the bows as the perfect opportunity for hair clips! The stars also fit in with the stars all over their runway!

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