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February 01, 2008





i personally think that if someone can carry a fake with real style, she can get away with it. But most of time, they are all fashion victims & label whores. Sadly, ive only seen like one person who was cool enough to carry a fake bag, and it was a Chanel. :-P Not me. lol.


What a cute bow, S.! Only those genetically gifted with a stunning mane can pull this look off (doesn't hurt to be 18 either!).

I think America (and probably everywhere else for all I know) is slowing drowning in a sea of counterfeits. Bad ones. When I worked in accessories, some of my time was spent trying to track this down; we were being bootlegged all over. I hated having to go into some random shop and ask questions. Especially those shops that also sold throwing stars and swords.


oh gosh some of the fakes i've seen at school are ridiculous. mine is flooded with chanel fakes mostly- i've rarely seen fake stams- probably because it doesn't have a well known logo marked all over the bag. but anyways- your bow- it looks so perfect with your lovely red hair :) i esp love the glittery stars.


What a creative idea! Some fake bags do make me cringe slightly, though I've found a lot of people I know somehow have the real things despite being (supposedly) poor students, prfft!

Gem Fatale

I have that exact bow!! I stole it when I worked in Debenhams by the fragrance counter for the exact purpose of putting in my hair. I cant believe we had the same idea. Great taste in bow-thievery you have! x


Yeah, those fake stam bags are everywhere, as is the trademark quilting of Chanel. Though at uni, I think most of them are real. One of my friends owns a real paddington as well as me noticing the girl in front of me in the Sainsbury's queue had a lush little vintage chanel bag.
I think the bow is really cute!


With that hair, S, there's nothing you could put in it that wouldn't look cute. :)

Bouncing Evil Ginner

Clever!! I would never have thought of that, partly because I've never bought anything that posh (oh ok, exception of my Manolos, which I do still have the box. And the plastic bag it came in...) and I don't think my friends have either!


hi :)
I was checking my sitemeter account and your site appeared as a "referral", thanks for linking me =), I will link you too. I have to say, you have quite a nice site here.

Lovely DIY project ;)


Hey, just one question: what's you name/nickname to add you to my links?


I think is Selina, right?
For now, I'll add you with that name ;)

(sorry for posting too many comments)


smart!your hair always looks really nice, i know you say it causes you hassle but everyone always thinks that they look bad- trust your readers, you always look beautiful!



Lovely was the only word to describe Susie Bubble's patent boots and lovely is just the word for this bow!



Oh I love this, and the idea is so great!


I've tried to wear a bow before, but my friends thought it looked stupid. I like them though...maybe I should buy another one and try it out too?


Love the idea of wearing packaging.... what to do with the Lanvin printed bows...


Aww, I've done that, except with the gold & black one that was from last xmas? I love that navy colour though, it goes so well with your hair. I absolutely love your blog by the way, I've been sitting reading through all the archives & its amazing!

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