the storm can't put a damper on the day


I've eBayed so much recently that I lost track of purchases for a few days and had to double check what I'd bought. I've been really naughty with my student budget! I forgot I ordered this coat from a random seller who still has quite a few coats for sale. I try to search for items with normal models rather than the amazing sellers that gain bids of $200+. I've been wanting a new coat for a while as I got my classic Zara one last year but it still had enough wear for this winter. It's now quite rough and the lining is so torn that it hangs down a bit and I have to pin it. So I knew it was time for a new one and eBay has loads of vintage coats that originally belonged to children. Contrary to a popular belief that I probably do want to go to never never land and stay a child forever, I prefer the a-line swing shapes of them and the rich colours. I know I only just posted that I had to stop being excessively girly and when it arrived today I tried it on with what I was already wearing and boy, do I look about five! If I wore this to lectures I think all the 'fashionista' girls would just laugh at me!

I really like the purple lining and the velvet collar, pockets and sleeves but with a red bow and white tights, it's too far. I just took the photos at about 7.30pm but if it were daylight you would be able to see how VERY vivid the colour is; I think I'm going to get alot of unwanted stares in this. It's an amazing swing shape though, so I'll wear it with pride! But to delve into my new 'fierce' mood I paired it with leather leggings and my favourite Mango corset belt. As I walked out my room in my super high boots one of my guy friends passed and said 'What are those meant to be?!' to my leggings, which just persuaded me to wear them to the most cheesy student club ever tonight, to show all the orange, plastic girls. I like the silhouette with a belt, although something tight around my rib cage always gives me a horrible caged feeling in the pit of my stomach. I just showed my friend the coat and I think she may be embarrassed to walk around with me in it by her reaction. Why do some people have such closed minds?!

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