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Today I thought I had a four hour break, my first lab being seriously early, so I took advantage of the last portion of the grant coming in and empty morning shops. This was useless because I bought nothing and I went EVERYWHERE. Seriously, no shop was off limits. I browsed from Primark to Prada and not a thing grabbed me. It's the old age conundrum, when you have money to burn you don't want anything. Well I needed some flats and by the end I was prepared to fork out ANY price but I couldn't find a decent pair anywhere. I just wanted decent soled flats in a nice colour, is that too much to ask! Eep! Also I wasted four hours but didn't actually have a lab in the afternoon, boo.

The only thing I came back with was  a pair of Topshop socks. I told my friends over dinner and they looked puzzled and said 'but you don't wear trousers?' On the contrary, I do wear trousers sometimes, but that's a different story. Plus my plan was to wear socks with tights and then by themselves with heels in the summer as inspired by Elinkan.

I investigated socks further and found Eley Kishimoto socks on Fun and clown-like, these cute sheer pairs would be so fab with random vintage dresses on breezy spring days or over coloured tights.

But my favourites are these super Miu Miu-esque stirrup socks like the SS08 ones I wrote about a while ago.  I LOVE the ankle frills and they would look so sweet with super high platforms or satin flats on the ends of leggings. UK postage is super cheap too so there's no reason not to buy them! Well they are £20, but that's what grants are for!

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