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April 08, 2008


Robin Claire

I was thinking about this today when I was shoe shopping! I think I'm gonna go for solid colours until I try them out a few times. And a bonus is that shoes that are just a little bit big fit better! Yesssss!


don't you just hate when you have money to spend but can never find anything you like? the reverse is true - when you find that the shops are just so full of stuff you want it's when you're also at your poorest. sigh!

ooo... i like these miu miu-esque socks


I love EK's socks!

Everybody Says Don't

Have you tried Accessorize? I've just got some jazz shoes from them, and they are really comfy. I'm wearing them today on my blog at if you want to see! I'm thinking about buying a 2nd pair....

Bouncing Evil Ginner

I've had that a couple of times!! But I get around it by buying the things I see - I don't think I've ever regretted buying stuff (not that I go mental) and it's only money. If you enjoy the item in question, i's worth it. Maybe I'm saying this because I just dropped the money on the dress I've been thinking about for 4 weeks (probably longer)...

Gem Fatale

My god. Those spotty ones with the hearts on are sooo cute! I love them. I might treat myself with money from my ebay winnings... Hmmm. Thank you for bringing EK's glorious goodies to my attention! xo


The EK socks are brilliant. I can definitely see them with some vintage dresses.

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