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This guide has been frequently helpful to me and might be to some of you guys! A while ago Lady Smaggle of Smaggle Style raved about stylist Annebelle Van Tongeren and she replied and offered personal advice if you sent in your silhouette. I took the chance and sent in mine!

If this helps, I've got great affinity with this American Apparel girl; wide shoulders, small waist, smallish bust and definite hips. I never listen to those apple/pear/boyish guides because for one thing, I don't see how anyone can fit into a category so easily, and another, how can you be sure what you 'are'? I've found the tips from Annebelle very helpful as they're tailor made, and while I don't shy away from any clothes because they may not be flattering and don't shop with them in mind, when wearing certain things together I can totally see her points and have taken the positive ones on board. Some of you may find some tips helpful...

Killer Feature: Waist, then hips

Worst Enemy: Bust small

Widest horizontal: True hip

Key point:

If you get concerned about widening your shoulders with any garment you wear, look for vertical treatments around the shoulder line that will mitigate your strong horizontal. This means deeper necklines, square necklines and even strong Vs. Vertically focused collar details, long bows and ties, all of these will create a force to help make your shoulders not look so wide.

Love your tiny waist. Personally I would kill for it!

Colours on red heads could include anything warmer in hue, from ivory through the entire autumnal palette, chocolates, black of course and my favourite, emerald green. Ditch lightweight neutrals as they might drain you, and bright red can be problematic of course, greys might also suck the pigment from your face. When in doubt, warm your make up tones to compensate.


A-line skirt shapes will also help keep the shoulders seeming smaller. As your hips as slim, you can afford pocket tabs, and other hip detail like embroidery, fastenings, topstitching etc, which will also make your small waist the focus. The best length for you is about ten centimetres below the knee to balance your silhouette. Play up a small bust with textural highlight, pleats, gathers, colour contrast, lace etc. Anything that builds the area will be helpful. And best of all the highlight here will also take advantage of your slim waist. You can’t lose.


Unlike lots of us mere mortals, separates will work well on you as a break at the waist is something you can afford. The current must-have higher waisted pants and skirts will also suit you. Feature belts and strong waist detail will be great and for heavens sake go get yourself some cute 50s style pieces as this era is the one that will work best for you.


Boat necks, wide off the shoulder garments and puff sleeves.

If you want this treatment I'm sure Annebelle could help you or maybe if you pester Lady Smaggle enough she will do another guest post!

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