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May 29, 2008



I'd love to have your legs (L)


Wow she sure did give you some great advice!


You have a killer figure :)

I have a smallish waist, wide hips, and a large bust, so I think some of what she said about you may apply to me as well. Although I might have to be a bit more careful about looking block-ish. Also, my torso is freaking miles long, and my legs are stubs, so I think high-waisted things work well for me haha.


That's great advice, I'm wondering how to make things work for my own figure - sometimes it isn't all about what flatters, but it's nice to know what will work.


I absolutely hate these body shape guide things... but this stylist sounds like she's got it spot on...


ah! amazing! I need to do this, and I'm totally gonna buy that aa dress today :-D

-Giselle <3<3<3


Best point: So nice legs...to keep them, don't forget to wear your tights...

Bouncing Evil Ginner

High FIVE, I have a similar shape (although bigger, in that I'm taller and thus wider) and red hair. IDEAL!! Good tips, although I quite like a little puff sleeve. For me though, since my legs are pretty long and my torso is tiny in comparison, high-waisted things don't work so well.

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