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I raved about the Abakhan Fabric store in Manchester as you really can't beat the prices, but the créme de la créme of fabric shops in Birmingham is the Fancy Silk Store. There are floors and floors full of every material you would ever need, literally! You must go with a strict list as it's too tempting to pick up random rolls that you don't need. The walls are piled high and no space if left empty, these photos are only of two walls on one floor!

I went today with a few things in mind like more skirts. Also I wanted some stretchy cotton to make some replica American Apparel dresses as really most of their stuff is two shapes of fabric sewn together! But I needed floral fabric. Floral bandage dresses have been sold by eBay sellers for a while but the prices just go so high! I used to wear prom dress to clubs but now I'm hunting for everything 90's and figure hugging and really want something flowery.

Link 1, 2, 3

It took me ages to choose this right fabric from the massive wall, and I settled on one with big lilac and blue roses on a navy background. Then I found out that most of the florals were part of a collection from some fabric designer and were £14.99 per metre. For a DIY dress, that price simply isn't economical so I settled for the light blue and purple on white fabric below but now at home it simply doesn't attract me. This always seems to happen! I did get that other cute floral fabric though and plan to use the shiny white for a skirt with a red ribbon hem like something I've seen on a few Swedish blogs including Niotillfem. There is a shop similar called the Fancy Fabric Store just around the corner so I might look there for more fabric!

In other news, this proves sometimes you're in the right place at the right time- I was browsing fabric and a girl asked me to be in her fashion show as a model pulled out! This bares slight similarity to that Sex and the City episode where Carrie falls over as I really am no model and I'm not sure I'll fit into the clothes. The designer is doing the show all herself and said it was a bit corpse bride inspired so who knows what tomorrow will bring, I'm excited! Maybe I spoke to soon about UK bloggers turned models...!

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