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June 05, 2008



You look a little like her!

Cute photos, I love getting ready too. Once I am out I am usually just waiting for change into my pj's!


Great post!


i think the photos are from british vogue, december 2007 issue i think it was, it's got sienna miller on the front!


aww you look really pretty :]

miss woo

hehe, I do sometimes find getting ready a more enjoyable experience that actually going out, and you look very nice indeed!


Teehee - great post! It's always interesting to see other peoples' little rituals. Might have a go myself - try and see how much of a difference I am making lol. My room mate always fails to notice / understand my 'does my make up look ok' questions, as she says she doesn't see any difference so maybe it's time to see if it's a) true, there's no difference or b) the lighting in our rooms - :-D
Keep up the good work! Drunken mishaps are always the most excusable!


love this post! the idea of taking pictures every 30 seconds is great. and you look really cute.


Great idea!


really good idea, love the 30 sec shots. they each look like a make up ad.


That was such a sweet idea for getting ready, you look fab in them pictures!
I also love the pictures of Lily Cole, don't think it was in that certain December Vogue though. It looks more like a jewellery shoot.


I adore Lily Cole with all of my heart. True fact. I was forced to save those pictures of her, because she is just too damn cute!

And you are too! I absolutely ADORE your hair! (I can't sing it enough praises, I'm sure you'll hear me say this again, haha)


great entry! i love the collage in the background. both you and lily look lovely in these photos.

Anna Pope

I remember seeing that Lily Cole ed somewhere but can't remember for the life of me where exactly :P

I love getting ready to go out, especially the make-up part! Love your photos, you are too cute :)


I think it was Vogue, but I have a nasty feeling I've thrown that copy out for recycling. Getting dressed up and ready to go is definitely one of my favourite parts and it's just as fun! I will be doing that tonight for my summer ball yay!


Great pictures =]


i don't wear make-up, but now that I know it's a way to have an early cocktail, I just might start

She Loves Mixtapes

Hi, nice post! I can't wait to see more of your new dress - looks pretty fabbo to me!

I know for definite that the pictures of Lily are from Vogue UK December 2007. You can see the full set here: http://gallery.lily-cole.org/thumbnails.php?album=96

It only took a quick rummage (:


you look amazing! and i love the lily cole photos.


I love how you do your make up. What do you use? And where do you get your foundation and concealer?

I'm also pale with reddish hair and trying to find foundatio and concealer colours that match my complexion is a nightmare :(


L- I use Maybelline mineral foundation in ivory and benefit lemon aid as concealer


you're totally right -- i love getting ready to go out!
and i love those photos you posted of yourself, it makes me feel like i'm getting ready with you, haha!


p.s. love your blog!


you look so pretty :)

I have those lily cole pics blu-tacked up in my bathroom i like them so much!


the lily cole pictures were in a 2007 issue of british vogue with sienna miller on the cover. i did have the pics on my wall for a while. :) i think the shoot was for jewelry. by the way, i love your hair!


You are so gorgeous! I am in love with your hair!

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