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July 03, 2008



She looks so cheery! You know, I've always thought that Birmingham could do with a street style site (there may be one already in existence, but I know of none) because, on occasion there are some stylish folk about.


She looks amazing, I would have been excited seeing her too! Just the trousers, simple as they are, look really good on her. Her daughter must be proud...


I think being called a doll is a compliment too, haha.

And my God, Val is stunnning! I love her coat, the color, those buttons. Actually, just everything about this outfit is gorgeous!




@ leah- i did a street style post a while ago and would like to do one again! i might wait until i have a good camera, why don't you do some?


aww, that's so sweet, I bet you really made her day!

and you're right, she does looks great :)


aww, that's so sweet, I bet you really made her day!

and you're right, she does looks great :)

Lady Smaggle

Oh well done. It's so freakin hard to ask people to take their photos. I have to start doing it more often. She's gorgeous!

Anna Pope

Oh wow, she's amazing! I wish I will be as stilish when I'll be her age.


What a spot...her glasses are truly amazing!


Wow, as if people actually dress like this in Birmingham! Impressed :)
I'm from Harborne myself, and town is 99.99% jeans and tees, so it is very nice to see someone different. x


I love complimenting people I don't know, especially women over 40. It seems to make us both feel happier, and I've yet to have a bad experience with it.

Poster Girl

Very nice, yellow always cheers me up. I hope you take more street style photos in the future.

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