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Hello indeed! These are the shoes that I was talking about when I went to London from the cheapie shop in Camden. Like I said before, I saw a random pair on eBay last week and just bought them! I took them to Wilton Market, in Erdington high street for you Birmingham people, and they stretched them with these giant plier things for a few days. I would be lying if I said they fit perfectly but they fit a bit better and I'll wear them anyway! The bow is velvet and they are patent plastic so they squeak. I think the bow looks like fangs. I'll just wear them round the house lots to loosen them.

I put them on with my short H&M tee that I've been playing around with for a few days since Gala from Chictopia talked about hers. They're definitely best with a high waisted, longer skirt but all mine are fairly short. I'm sure I must have something suitable, I'll keep my eyes peeled when I have to pack up in about two weeks. The REM gig was pretty good, I was at the front of the bar so it was quite funny asking people to sing the songs or dance for beer. Also we stayed in the house I'm sharing this year and my room is a lot smaller than mine at home but about the same size as OP so I'm sure all my junk will fit in somehow!

Also considering the cropped t-shirt with men's trousers. There's a few short tees on eBay from Topshop which don't seem to have too many bids! I bought mine a few sizes bigger than normal from H&M because I wanted it loose but they came like that so mine is pretty roomy. It's possibly something that looks better on a smaller bust too, which isn't something I can say often!

EDIT: Seems even more people considering cropped tees! A blogosphere trend?

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