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August 11, 2008



Amazing buy - never thought the collar could be sold separately! Kind of cool that the name is there, and I think it looks really good in the outfits you've posted.


wow! what a great find, and you're right, it looks stunning with the red dress! I also love it with the plaid; it's an odd combo, but surprisingly wearable!


That is such a cute collar! Do you have to pin it to the dress so it doesn't fall off?


It looks good with everything. Very versatile.


That's so versatile and very particular too, I love it!

The Clothes Horse

Oooh, awesome! I never thought about finding a sailor collar and just attaching it to things like this! Fantastic!


ooooo wonderful with the red for sure- but maybe don't sew it on because it does look fabulous with all of the other dresses. what a great find!!


I like it with the red dress as well, it's really a great find :-)

Donna Vitan

That's a beautiful accessory! And you can put it anywhere! Mayhaps we can make an arrangement for you to get me one. Tee hee! Cheers,


What a handy item! It would be really nice if you fastened it together with a cool brooch or something.
I really love it with the red dress, but then I am a sucker for that colour combination!


It is so cool, don't sew it!! Looks so good with the others too.


I love it with all three dresses. I really want one of those collars. I tried to do the same thing with a vintage scarf, but it didn't look as crisp and it came to a triangle rather than a rectangle in the back. You should buy a whole bunch and sell them on ebay.


Best with the red dress indeed, that dress is so cute too.


i love that collar its so cute i like the fact that it was worn by a real sailor that makes it all authentic 'n' stuff (:


Nice! The first one's my favourite.


I love collars, I keep buying them. I found a white sailor one and made it into a t-shirt, and it's one of my favorite things to wear.

tinkerbell and fairies

I love the collar! Its so flexible! Goes well with so many outfits!


that collar is so cool and an amazing find! I like it with the red dress best too. :)


What fun! I agree, tho, why confine its use to a single dress? It looks great with them all ...


That is so clever! Now you can virtually make any dress nautical.


I really like the first outfit


I like it! I think it looks better with the white dress


i LOVE it with the plaid dress!!!!


Such an awesome accessory. & surprisingly versatile.


Oooh...now i want to pick one up too...very handy thing to have!


i love u sailor collar specially with the plaid dress ! but where did u get it i had 1 similar on primak! but they dont sell online so sad !! so where could i get something similar online? kiss


@ flashykawaii- it was from Primark! Oasis and ASOS have similar dresses


The sailor collar is such a smart idea, and so adorable. I agree it looks best with the red dress, adorable. I love your fashion sense.


i loveee the collar with the red dress!!
i cant help but think that it would be even cuter if you had a bow attached to the ends of the collar :)
im going to london for uni (first time!!) in sept, recommend any good stores?


@ joysse- i really am no london expert, i only got as far as portobello and oxford street!


I love the sailor collar on thoses dresses. You should get some little white socks and cute shoes to wear with them I think they would look adorable on you with those sailor collar dresses.


Those dresses would look great with some little white socks and black shoes on you.


very cute


I want one like this too!! and wear it with a white tee-shirt.. but I don't know how to find it in France...

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