they drink it in the congo
a lolita winter?

I've ran out of sailor themed titles

I really have! Here's the collar I got at Portobello market from a military stall. It was only a fiver and they had quite a few, but it's weird that it was actually worn by someone for real! I'm sure D. Mills would be happy his uniform is now going towards some girl's outfits. I've only tried it with a few dresses I had at hand and I think it might work with almost everything I own!

I like it with the red dress best that I sometimes wear to clubs so I might sew it on there for good. Right now I'm worrying a bit because somehow our V festival applications went awry after we confirmed our places and we're not on the list to work! I knew it was too good to be true and now have to wait until tomorrow to see if anyone drops out. I can't plan or think about it now encase it doesn't happen, I almost feel like I'm waiting for A-Level results again... almost. I have quite a few friends expecting theirs so good luck to everyone expecting them in a few days! See I did even write some timed posts for when I was at V, one being tips for new freshers, but that might be shot! I'll put it up on Friday still.

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