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sound the trumpets, strumpets!

I did something a liiiiittle crazy. Maybe more deluded than crazy. After my lecture I popped into Reiss and bought a £265 coat. Oops!

Haha truly this plan was thought out. I tried on this coat on the day I bought the coat below and have been thinking about it ever since. Like I said, the M&S coat just doesn't have enough spark or attraction, it's not something you put on and think oooo. I of course never normally go into Reiss. If it's just a UK thing, it's a very exclusive high street shop, if you could call it that, sort of a store for mega rich people and practically a designer store for people like me. The shop is quite scary, with very modelesque SAs and only about three of each item carefully laid out. It's also very expensive. So I went back in today and tried on the coat once more. I blame the guy working there! Our conversation went something like this:

*me twirling in mirror*
Very fabulous and very gay SA: Oh this coat is just divine!
Me: Yep it's a bit out of my price range though...
VF&VGSA: Ooo that's what student loans are for!
M: Hmmm... I do have a job now...
VF&VGSA: The colour is gorgeous, plus you need a longer coat in winter and it will last you forever, it's made from cashmere too!
M: It is lovely... gosh what are my flatmates going to say!
VF&VGSA: Haha who cares, you'll look better than them! It's gorgeous! Imagine it with a belt and gloves too.
M: Hmmm I'll just ring my Mom..

Mother: Treat yourself Selina! You wear a coat for months and got two years out of your last one... I'll put towards it for your Christmas present if you need to...

Me: I think I'm going to take it!

*goes to cash point*...woops, noodles for a term!

I'm not sure my photos do it much justice, it's a gorgeous Cadbury's purple that's so warm and rich, it just pops. It's like the perfect purple, with a little hint of blue. And it's soooo soft! The best thing is the shape, I was standing totally still in the first photo and the way the coat kicks out is exactly how it's cut naturally. It's practically like wearing a dress! My job does mean I can kind of afford it but it will be basically all my Christmas wages. The attraction is that it represents exactly what buying something should be like, where you get an item you know you will be excited about every time you put on, and walk around all happy and fabulous. Still, it's a bit scary to wear! Also bonus points for those who know where I got the title from...!   

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