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September 30, 2008



The coat is absolutely gorgeous and totally worth it, conidering you use a coat for age. So it's a wise investment. Gawjus colour too =]

Bouncing Evil Ginner

Absolutely fabulous, that SA was not wrong!! This is more the impulse shopping I'd like to do - the sort of thing that lasts for years and you truly love. A great colour for your hair too!! I might go have a look in Reiss, though it's still somewhere I cannot spend money :) Nevertheless I did see a coat in Aspire which is similar colour but a bit more fitted and also v swirly. Sadly I don't need a new coat and will just look at it longingly...


It is so much better than the m&s one! I always think that you have to have a nice coat because it always covers up nice outfits which annoys me sometimes. In winter it's the first thing people see you in really so it is worth getting one that you LOVE because you will feel really confident in it!

I just bought this one from Topshop

and it makes me feel so smart wearing it, I was walking around campus today thinking 'I look gooooooood' (as arrogant as that sounds haha)


beautiful, beautiful coat! i'm coming to terms with the fact that i'll probably have to drop some major cash for a coat this winter too, since i can't find the quality i'm looking for otherwise..


Title was from Gossip Girl right?
Gorgeous coat! Definitely worth the money. I need a new one and now im ever so slightly tempted to go into Reiss... uh oh!


fabulous coat, and I think it is worth the splurge, especially if it makes you happy, and if you feel good in it, it is definitely worth it. besides, the winter months are the longest, and it will be of good use.

love the blog too!
you are so pretty.

come visit my blog sometime, i linked you, and i would absolutely love it if you linked me.


It's amazing! Congrats! Anything to get through the winter, right ;)


The coat really IS georgeous! Love the collar, the colour (hey, almost a rhyme!) and how it falls at the hem. It looks like a dress, only warmer. ;-)


the coat is actually amazing. x


not worth the £265! sorry.
i too, adore Reiss but always wait for their sales. Just incase you are looking for unsual coats, I have had 2 very special 1s from a lady who has a stall at Portobello market in Notting Hill. She creates really interesting neck shapes, pity she doesnt have a website. Prices dead reasonable too, between £55 and £90! check it out next time your in London!
Look out for her big afro, she only sells coats and they have huge pins in them!
Thanx Rach x


That shape IS divine! That's sales at it's best haha. I wish my mother would tell me to treat myself.... I think in her opinion I already treat myself far more than I should.

Gem Fatale

Wowwweee I admire you for taking the plunge!
I just chickened out at the 'confirm your order' page on urban outfitter for a pair of £15 glasses...!
It is a truly gorgeous coat.


The title is from Gossip Girl! (as Sasha has said!)
The coat is gorgeous, the shape is amazing. A good investment, I think, and a coat is for ever, so it needs to be perfect.


I adore the coat on you especially knowing that it's not from topshop and you won't find a zillion other girls wearing it! Love cadbury of my favourites! For some purchases the necessary thought processes are useful...for example you only need to wear it 265 times for the price to be ok!


ohh thats beautiful! "thats what student loans are for!" - LOL that made me laugh


£265?! Good god that is a lot. Still, if you've been thinking about it ever since you first tried it on and it makes you feel fabulous, then totally worth it. You could always try doing that thing where you justify the cost by calculating the cost per wear. (e.g. going on the assumption you'd wear it 6 months, October to March. Then going by your previous coat wearage of 2 years, that'd be a total of 12 months. Then it'd be roughly £22 per month yes? Which is much more reasonable! If I did maths, that would be the kind of question I'd love to see!)


will you be taking the other one back?
I love what your mom said, she's so cool, my mom would call me insane and scold me
poo I don't get bonus points because I don't know the title.


So sweet. I love this coat. Great find.


that is a lovely coat! the colour is amazing, I need to start saving up for a winter coat as well!


a coat is an investment piece and you need to put money into it, plus it'll last you forever!
tsk listen to me,i just spent over £100 on boots!

sainsburys noodles here we come!


What a wonderful coat. The color and volume are great. I suspect it was worth the price.


Ooh it looks so lovely on you! I had my perfect coat last winter, but someone stole it on a night out!


Gorgeous coat! It looks so much better on you than it does on the model on the Reiss Website. Totally worth it lol.


Your new coat is so, so, so, so fantastic! It's an investment piece for sure.


OH my GOD. That coat is wonderful, and it's just perfect on you! I love the shape, and the

You can always trust the VF&VGSA's!


Yay, isnt a great feeling finding that perfect coat? True that its so practicle that its easier to now feel guilty. I really like the one you chose, it's good because you can wear that style everyday, and also for going out and more formal occasions. Its all in one!


Its so worth it, ive been to Reiss at Heathrow airport on the day i flew back and was amazed by their quality and the stuff they have. They have amazing designer looking skirts! Reiss is practically a contemporary designer!!! xoxo


It is amazing! Once I went into Reiss during a huge sale and they had fantastic leather bomber jackets in light blue and light beige for $160, and they're skirts for about $40-80, that normally go for about $200 - I'm still wondering whether I should've bought that bomber, or perhaps a pair of jeans with zips at the ankles for $80 . . . sigh.


Haha, GG for sure... but I'm pretty sure GG got it from Shakespeare? Strumpet was the kicker. :)


By the way, maybe it's just the lighting, but it looks like it mutes the color of your hair a bit?


It looks perfect on you :D I've been on a coat buying drive this week and managed to get a totally gorge one from ebay for forty English pounds :) woop! Well done on your purchase :P


Oh, forgot to say! Its better buying 1 good quality and va va vooom item than 3 "okay" items only to find yourself still lusting for that 1 good quality item! Good job Selina!! Didn't he say it was cashmere? OMG!!!! :-)


It's gorgeous! Both the colour and shape are perfect, and it makes you look a little more mature too :) I'm jelous of your winter, I have about 25 gorgeous coats but rarely get to wear them cause I live in Australia. Then again, spring dresses are pretty fun, too!


Lovely!!! I am a reader of yours, and I have commented once or twice before but not very often and I just want to say what a beautiful coat! I once went into Reiss during a HUGE sale (they have it in the states too) and they were selling leather bomber jackets for $160 in light blue and I think beige, but it may have been light pink or something. They also had their normally $200-ish skirts for $40-$70, and skinny jeans with ankle zips (how I love ankle zips!) for about $80. I didn't buy anything though because I was with my family and my sister wanted to get ASAP. Next time, perhaps . . . By the way, could you just take a quick peek at my blog because I just got a lovely new dress that I think you would really appreciate. Thank you, and your blog is awesome!


Ooops . . . I commented twice, this makes it three times. I though I had commented but I wasn't sure so I just thought I's comment again! Sorry!

The Clothes Horse

That coat is amazing! Well worth the price. It's nice to treat one's self everyone once in awhile...but the people around right now are cheaper than me and they make me self-conscious about buying clothes! Oh, woe is me.


That sounds like a standard conversation of when I was at University...I always called my mother before buying something a little pricey too! When it was about buying a coat my mother always told me to look for something warm enough while I was searching for a nice style firt thing...
By the way, your coat looks really nice and that is a standard price for the stores near where I live so don't feel too guilty this time! Even the little store near the supermarket here sells a nice coat with a price tag of 325 Euros...ah the italian countryside! This is why is so difficult to have a shopping day for me with my actual budget!!! I bought a little coat from Zara last month, but I feel I need another one. I'll probably have to wait another "2 hours train shopping trip"...!


Delightful and worth every penny :)

Always In Style

It's a beautiful coat - you'll get many years of wear from it so it's worth the investment.


wow it is beautiful!! that colour is gorgous - purple is always a good autumn colour. if you think about it, you're never going to throw this away, so £265 isn't that much when you divide it over say.. 10 years?!
there aren't really any details that give away what year it was made in, its timeless so enjoy it!!
i bet the sales assistant works on commission!!!


that coat is gorgeous and it looks really great on you!
the color is amazing also.


I love that your mam was so supportive of the purchase, mine would have had a fit!!
A coat is the one thing that its worth investing in though, and it is lovely =]


Coat last a life time. You look great in it and you are so happy. JUSTIFIED!!!

Anna Pope

I totally agree with the SAs, it is absolutely divine!


Those SAs are just trying to get that money out of your pocket XD
but it is an impeccable coat, I must say. Pretty much worth that money haha
It's so whimsical looking too, the way you're on your tippy toes makes you look like a little girl excited for christmas and what not =)


I've been having this bout of wanting to purchase something expensive but i know i will wear for ages, but i havent taken the plunge. Hurray for you doing so, afterall your mom is right :]


Whooa thats a lot of money! BUT it does looks gorgeous on you!! Great color it has


Oh yes, a great coat is always worth the investment. I am currently doing my own extensive search for a new wool one!


oh my gosh I love love love this coat. it is unbelievably gorgeous! TOTALLY worth it - and totally the kind of thing you absolutely can't pass up! Amazing!

Chic Looks

oh Miss Flyingsaucer!!! that is a whole lot of money, but I have to say it looks lovely on you and the colour is so pretty, I guess if you can afford it, you might as well go for better quality coats that will last long, a bit like an investment and it makes you feel good as well so it is definitely worth it.


:) the conversation between you and the sales man is so funny. i could picture it in my head.
the coat is worth every penny. the colour is so great, very different, the style of the coat as well... and cashmire? ooooh, you can not get cashmire in topshop or m&s.

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