your lucky day?
no pallid hues here!

gucci by who else

I just have to say how much I love love loooove this advert! Every time it comes on (which has increased dramatically by double Hollyoaks watching this week, sad I know) I think ahhhh! It's the way they're all so lithe and dreamy and all that gold and omg Natasha Poly's jaw, swoon! I found this behind the scenes video too which shows them dancing around, they're all so tall! I love Freja and Raquel too, but think Tanya Dziahileva wouldn't have gone amiss in the lineup. I have a feeling the perfume will smell very strong and rich but may venture into Selfridges before work tomorrow to check it out, maybe ask for it as my Christmas present. If only they sold them as those huge bottles in the adverts, not that I'd able to afford it!

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