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November 26, 2008



I've only seen this advert once on tv, and it was a long time ago. I wish I could dance around swathed in gold.


Haha, this ad makes me kinda giggle. I do enjoy the whole dreamy quality though.


I love David Lynch's films, and I was shocked to learn that he also does ads, but I guess someone's gotta pay for those (somewhat) weird films he directs. This ad at least fits into his oeuvre pretty well, which tends to be dark and dreamy. And of course that Blondie song is great ...




Oh, it's the Lynch's touch. I love it too ^.^


Hehe I like this too but imagine if they DID sell those huge perfume bottles? Would be soo expensive!


Yeah I agree. The advert does make you want to jump on the bandwagon and buy a bottle but then it just doesn't smell as good as I was hoping, so I stick to my trusty signature scent, never really straying far :(


love this advert :) all that gold looks so beautiful!


It's very studio 54(or how i imagine it would be), with Blondie and the glitzy dresses, I do love the advert. Oh thankyou for the reply by the way.


I'd not seen this ad, but it really is so dreamy! I want to float around waving my arms gracefully tooooo! This also reminds me that I should ask for perfume for Christmas too, otherwise I can only afford the teeny bottles myself!

Chic Looks

I didnt realise David Lynch directed it now I like it more.

David Santos

Wonderful posting! Nice pictures and pretty colores!!! Brilliante idea! Congratulations!!!


thanks for sharing the link, Selina!


first time i saw this ad, i was enamored by the dreamy quality and raquel. I turn the sound up every time it's on, and i never do that for a simple commercial.
Lynch cant hide his qualities.

The Clothes Horse

Stunning. I like ads like these that just sort of sweep you up.


I must admit I do like the advert, but with the image that the advert is trying to portray, dreamy blondie, the 80s-ness and the skininess of the models, I can't help thinking that they're just doing lots of cocaine. Not very responsible... :)

Anna Pope

I have this ad saved on my iPod and I think I watch it at least a couple of times a day. It's beautiful!

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