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I love going out and tend to keep checking my phone throughout the night for the time because I don't want it to end! I've recently been out as an angel and in an awful santa nightie (there will certainly be NO pictures of that!!!) and got on the train on Friday with a decent hangover to go out with my oldest friends from home. Birmingham people may know subway city, quite full of indie-cindys and a £10 in, free bar policy. I mostly love getting ready to go out and have a mental outfit rota, with some outfit more suitable for different clubs, but I think I've mentioned that before! Last year I tried to take photos each time but now it's usually a bit more of a rush to get ready; on Thursday I finished work at 11.15, threw my santa dress on at the lockers and met my friends in the club! I ran into my boss on the way out who said I looked dressed up  but I rushed off quickly encase she wanted to see my outfit!

So back to Friday, I got ready quite quickly, with Gossip Girl hair (my new favourite) and dusty, metallic pink eyeshadow (which actually works for red heads!) and had loads of time to take photos as my friend was late, hence why I'm holding my phone awaiting his call! I've just thought that I haven't shown you these Topshop shoes I got off eBay- I will this week! They have a platform so they're seriously NOT safe for steps in clubs, as demonstrated when I fell out of the DJ box... don't ask why I was in there in the first place! This is only the second time I've worn this playsuit from the Etsy store I'm Your Present, which I got in the summer, because I love it too much!! Well I have only worn my other outfits once as I bought loads of stuff in the summer but didn't go clubbing as much as I do in Manchester. So in effect it is my most favoured item! Ahhh it's lovely to wear as rompers make you very happy! The only problemo is going to the loo, which is why I couldn't wear a bra extender to lower the back as then I'd have to totally strip off, ahem! Fashion blogs are so advanced nowadays with such lavish photographs that I feel most seem to lead a blemish free life, but I took this silly photo just after I rang a taxi as I knew the playsuit would fall down at the back and reveal my bra all night. I keep meeting readers in clubs so I hope you know that yesI am the girl who just fell over and forgot her clear straps, woops!

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