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January 12, 2009



The first bikini is gorgeous! And the pants surely worth a try...though I'm planning a big ONE YEAR shopping ban...


Oh my! Those bikinis are lovely. And they will be available at H&M? Want!
Can you link to the entry at nitrolicious? Can't find it.

thanks, Ruby


Do you have any idea when those bkinis go on sale?!


They are gorgeous! I want all of them!!


I love the bikini!


I have been looking for high waisted bikini bottoms since last spring. I thought i would have to shell out for a bikini set from pistol panties or slightly more reasonable at what katie did.


I always see these gorgeous h&m collections but then when i go into the store, it's a whole different thing. I really think it's my lack of shopping skills. =[
I love the highwaisted knickers/hotpants of the 1st photo in the 2nd set. I can imagine it under a skirt with a tank top inside it. I also like those rolled up trousers but i doubt i have the cahonnas to actually leave my house in anything like that.


those bikins are one of a kind(two of a kind,lol)
yeah i saw this new collection in LOOK magazine and couldnt help to think ,when did H&M get so stylish?
i love the rolled up chino trousers

belle fantaisie

oh i am loving all this floaty beautifulness! and i love the dress/trousers combo!


I'm loving those cycling shorts.... glad to see I'm not the only one!


those bikinis are simply divine!!! they won't stock them in any of mine probably. h&m in ireland in HORRID. there is no trend line here.


I love the lookbook! I can't wait for topshops one tomorrow!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Anna Pope

The bikinis are really perfect, I love love love the blue one!

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