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March 31, 2009



Do you ever have problems with staining white tights? Mine always get stains on the toes and heels from the leather of shoes i wear with them! it irritates me so much!

a la mode

All those styles are beautiful!


Ahah, GG is a drug ! ;D


Loving the selection of photos - great eye. Got to adore white tights, whatever way one wears them :-D can't wait to see this new look ;-D you're always chic, so i look forward to seeing how it goes - most likely very cute :-)

watched new gossip girl today when i should have been working... bad but so so good!



Mi Passarelli (Brazil)

Ohh, I love white, but I have to say, really does preparatory school!
And I know it, because when I'm a child 5 years too! ha ha ha.

This is really confusing!
Have a nice day!



As much as I love white tights, in my adult life I have only worn them to a fancy dress party. I was Little Red Riding Hood. I'm getting the feeling that the only way to get away with the look is to have really skinny legs. Or be in "Gossip Girl". Or both of the above.


I love my white tights with black, it looks fab. Geat blog by the way x


the girls in the first and fifth picture have the longest legs!
so nice.
i've never thought about wearing white tights, but they all do rock it well.


Well hey, we all love a bit of Gossip girl. I still don't own any white tights...I'm not sure if it's because I'm not sure how someone as short as me can pull them off (these girls all have long legs!) These looks are cute though.


Your right, these girls look awesome! Although I love your girly looks just as much, if not more ;)
I've heard that white tights make legs look bigger than they are, but the white tights look great on every one of these girls. And I can't find a commonality either... maybe its the black?



The white tights look great on these girls, but I don't think they're a look that everyone can pull off. I don't know. It just doesn't seem very flattering to me/I think you run the risk of looking like you're a little girl.


I think it's all about the shoes - if you wear them with mary janes or ballet flats then you get the 5-year-old look, fierce black heels toughen them up a bit!



the last time i wore white tights, they were not as 100 denier as the ones above so my legs looked fat.end of.


you talk a lot about the complications of having ginger hair, i.e., not being able to wear pink or neons. when i saw this, it made me think of you!! http://theglamourousgradstudent.blogspot.com/2009/02/redheads-with-style-isla-fisher-as.html


love the white tights....

edgy would be best


The Clothes Horse

I love the way these ladies rock white tights--but the fact I always envision them with 5 year old looks is why I haven't bought any yet!


I've got so behind on Gossip Girl!
The white tights thing is a mystery to me, I can never seen to put together an outfit in my head that would work with them without looking like a five year old.
Weirdly given that I'm not a big print fan my favourite look is the one with the floral dress, it just looks so effortless.


Amazing ways to wear white tights!
Surprising for me :)

a kiss!!!


Cafe Fashionista

I want a pair of white tights more than anything in the world right now!


The girl with the white cape! I found a similar one in the thrift store awhile ago! Mine is very similar. I could'nt figure out if it was homemade or not,now I know. Where did you find that photo?
Here is my post about it.


Q. Why do girls wear white tights?

A. Because they are HOT and look fantastic.

Girls are always worried that they'll look like a five year old attending her first ballet class. Not at all. White tights are the bomb. Rock it.


I've never worn white tights before but I think they look so delicate and pretty with floral dresses or whimsical flats. xxoxoxo


i love how the girl on the top right has worn hers, they look fantastic!maybe teaming them with mannish shoes would help?


They are so elegant.



I love the outfit on the bottom right, i also love gossip girl, and your blog is adorable!


Vanessa Riding

I love the white floral dress with the white tights- it's something i would never think of doing and always fall back on the usual white. I've been looking for some but can only find the footless versions- does anyone know where i can get some?

Karina H.

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