next stop- more pink
cream of the crop

Careful, B. Hell hath no fury like a Chuck Bass scorned.

I might make all post titles Gossip Girl quotes? It feels like I've been watching that show non stop for about three years!

Anyway I must firstly say that the outfit in the post below was not exactly an outfit, I took it when I was trying on the trousers and just happened to be wearing top! Otherwise I would have thought the pink on pink might seem like pyjamas ha ha.

images from facehunter, the sartmilk  

I'm trying to figure out why is it that when I wear white tights, I immediately pair them with girly, 5-year-old stuff or preppy Gossip Girl outfits, whereas there are so many super cool ladies out there who manage to look edgy and even a little bit androgynous in theirs. How do they do it?! I can't really pick out any commonalities apart from that it seems they might have found their outfits and then added the white tights instead of say black, rather than doing what I do and working an outfit around white tights. Ahh confusing! No super flared skirts, red, or sailor collars might help too! It's insanely annoying that I could only bring a small suitcase full of clothes home but I'm working with what I've got and might use some white tights in an all black outfit for a change. The stark white certainly adds a cool dimension, especially with black shoes.

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