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April 09, 2009



when you said you wanted a white babydoll dress to wear with black opaques, i was like "yeah, that'd be cute-- wait a second, didn't i wear that yesterday?" ha ha, i guess all it takes is for someone else to mention it...


Gradient tights... sweet.


:-D i so so loved the erdem show, and house of holland was kinda cute... h&m adaptation sounds like a plan!





wow :O (my eyes are popping out at this moment!)
this is a fantastic post on fashion week!you've cut it down perfectly :)
i have to say i quite like the idea of dresses over trousers again and i love that jumpsuit in Topshop's collection, i think in small doses that collection would be fantastic!

Cafe Fashionista

I'm so infatuated with those leopard print booties. I want a pair!


Oh Schwarb, how I love thee. Nice to see that the shiny leggings are still in. I STILL don't own any...

Great post as always!


I too loved the HoH collection....


I haven't heard of nathan jenden before, but i'm really liking the pieces you've got up there. The white dress is love!!
Luella manages to incorporate a touch of whimsy into the whole ubiquitous hardcore/rock chick vibe, well played.

finally, I think that black low cut Topshop jumpsuit would just about make my life complete. So hot!

I haven't really had the time to ogle at the offerings of LFW fw09, so thanks for the great post!xx


i've been a huge fan of house of holland for two seasons running now, definitely a first! and vivienne westwood is also appealing to me for the first time..

bianca and isabella



the crumpet girls


Loves: Leopard booties, Luella, Vivienne, and Christopher Kane.


Loving the Erdem prints so much! The Luella collection is stunning too, you managed to pick out some of the best clearly.


I had the same mixed feelings for Luella, but I think the hair absolutely ROCKED :) I wonder what she will have to show in her next one.

Loved reading your coverage, I tagged you!


i love the hats at luella!


Yup, the HoH stuff really looks like painting charts! But I like it!


Gaah, these picks are amaaaazing! I usually don't check out many runway shows, for the reason being I want everything!! ha!
I love all your picks, my favourites are probably HoH, CSM, Jenson, and the Richard Nicoll outfit... WOw! I think customizing a vintage boustier sounds perfect, give it a go I say!


miss woo

I think you can sooo pull off Creepers! I actually kind of like them with girly dresses,though I'm still a little bit too scared to pare them with hammer pants a la basi.

Also, there need to be an Ash Stymest fan club out there, somewhere, we need to spread the LOVE!

Birdy Moola @ OolaMoola

Fab edit of the shows - the HoH colour blocking is really striking. xx

kirsty lee

great post. i haven't fully looked at al the shows myself and you've done half the hard work for me. i quite like the luella stuff, more than the fast few collections in fact.


I love the leopard booties and the VW stuff is gorgeous x


I just remembered, are you still having the draw for that prize pack! Ha, greedy little me, I want to win! Such cute things in there


those armand basi one creepers are insane. they're even borderline fug, but i swear, one of these days when i'm in a stompy bad-arse mood days, i'll get a pair :P

great inspirational style post. thanx.


It pisses me off that the HOH collection is so nice! I bet henry didn't even design any of it. Sorry, i have a vendetta against him...possibly one of the most annoying men ever? not sure yet. x


my fave among the bunch is Luella. it inspired me the first time I saw it.


I love the high waist a-lines at luella and the patterns are great too. The first time I saw the HoH collection it sort of reminded me of the theme tune to the dulux adverts between Ugly Betty. Once I took a closer look though it really looked quite nice.


don't know if you've seen this, I found loose sheer leggings by Dagmar in the fall 09 collection. x

Chic Looks

erdem and hoh collection are my fav, ive just been catching up on your posts and I see you got those miu miu stunning shoes, all I can say is you lucky lucky girl, im so blooming jealous.

wholesale clothing

Oh! what a fabulous outfits you have here. thanks for sharing those fashion show.those clothes very fashionable. and it seems very attractive. how i wish i could wear one of those clothes. keep it up!


new era

Fabulous dresses. Hope to have some of them.


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