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November 27, 2009



WOW. You look like a forest nymph, or a pre raphaelite heroine! I would never pull that off as my hips are too wide and the jersey would cling to my ever expanding belly (seriously girl, how do you keep in shape?!)


Oooh, that is gorgeous! I love the dress and would sooo buy it if it came in any other colors. I love gray, actually, but probably have a few too many gray items. I think it really suits you, especially with that dark lipstick! And it really flatters your figure as well - you really do have a tiny waist like Zoe said! :)

Author in the making

wow, love that dress, u look so pretty in it :)

Gem Fatale

Haha great post! I don't normally like maxi dresses but you look fabulous in that one, surprise surprise! :)
And Selina, approach dye with caution!!! (
You've been warned!!


You look great in the maxi dress! It's very dramatic.


Selina this dress is awesome on you and I love the hoodie ESPECIALLY the pom poms! Love!


Great dress. I think long is so much sexier than short. Less obvious, more confident.

le blog de leen

you look really elegant in that dress :)



That dress is divine! You're right, it does look expensive. I want one to wear with biker boots and a little leather jacket. Bx


Great dress! You pull it off really well.


Great post. That dress is sooooo cool.



This dress is on my wishlist. Seeing it on you it looks absolutly gorgeous. I think I'll wear mine with some kind of fur and a leather jacket and lace up boots. I can't help but layer on the glamorous grunge. Love your blog.


Stunning ! You look fab!


great dress! i love maxi dresses, but mine are all very summery. i've been dithering over whether to buy a black maxi skirt for winter, i've had my eye on it for a while and your post has just pushed me over the edge. can't wait for it to arrive now!


OMG! That dress on you. Puuuuuurrrrrs in your direction. So love your blog.

hello birdy

Wowee! This is such a different look for you! I completely love it, very flattering, very sexy, like someone else said - pre-Raphaelite but seriously sexed up. Your waist looks absolutely tiny.


That dress is so amazing! It looks so soft and warm as well, I was not convinced about maxi dresses in summer, but I may have to reconsider for autumn/winter!

this dress could not be more perfect! i love how you look effortlessly chic and comfortable. i just started following your blog and absolutely love it. keep up the wonderful posts :)



this dress is absolutely gorgeous!

miss woo

This is so elegant!


wow that's really beautiful

Style Eyes

That dress looks so lovely. I have tried the maxi dress before but found it difficult to wear even in the summer because of the weather. This could work though with sleeves, heavier material and darker colour.


i absolutely adore this look on you. The bottom pic with the hoodie looks amazing, i love it that you're going a bit darker with your style lately. you look hot! x


I think you should definitely dye this black, or maybe a marooney red? I love it's dark, gothic feel, and the lipstick you're wearing with it really emphasises this! xx


that dress is gorgeous! simple but so chic!!


I don't know if I could rock a longer length (I'm 5'2"), but you look GREAT. I cannot imagine being in a place where it rains all the time and is dark by do you deal? You must have very nice rainboots.


Love this look. I am wishing that I could pull off the whole long sleeved long dress look.
ps- I love your blog!


wholesale blac label

That dress was very fabulous I like the style.



Ooh that dress is very a la Morticia, I like :)

New Zealand style


It suits you so well! Gorgeous!

juliet xxx

sarah hannah

you are tooo gorgeous! you look AMAZING! im so glad i found your blog, i love it!


you pulled off that dress effortlessly !
i've never worn maxi dresses myslef actually !
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Selina, if anyone can pull off floor-length dresses it's definitely you!!


Sounds like typical good ole sweden to me with everything getting dark at 3 and annoying small things being overpriced...

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