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January 19, 2010


tess stam

i echo your velvet leggings adoration. they're addictive. & can i just say thankyou so so much for your comment, it means a lot because i am just being me & it's real life. thankyou.


Haha, I wear my hair up all the time and I feel like such a Scandinavian poser!


Ah, I don't think I've seen these APAH posts before! How neat! And I definitely haven't seen you post a picture with your hair up before, haha


Came in through blogsearch for something completely unrelated!

I came directly from heatwave-Summer Australia and when flying to icy, cold Sweden, I didn't even need to consider snow boots!

I've found Docs to be more comfortable in the snow personally since they're made of leather. They've kept my feet toasty warm for the past 3 Swedish Winters. X3


I thrifted a pseudo-velvet duvet cover, planning to make some leggings with it! I've never actaully seen any velvet leggings in real life, although I love them and plan to make mine extra long so they scrunch up on the bottom.
And this is such a cool idea for a post! Although my days are so boring, i dont think anyone would care! Hahha! I see you still look amazing after a day of travelling. Not fair!


Author in the making

great post, love your style. plz comment on my blog

le blog de leen

i've always loved the "an hour a picture" posts
this is really nice to see you through the day :)



This was such a fun post! I might consider doing an hour a day post as well :) they are really fun to look at.


ah 'a day in the life of'! i love travelling, although when i actually get to the airport and there are delays and you have to sleep on a concrete floor with ants biting you (in crete!) i wonder why i got so hyped up! but at least you get to look at magazines and chanel.

love the last photo with your hair up, tres chic! i always wear my hair down and forget that hair up can make a really refreshing change.


I love your gold buttoned coat! I love traveling. I'm so jealous! And your hair up is very pretty! Very much enjoying your blog!


Loved this post :)
I think i might try one out for my blog :)


selina, love your blog as always. been flicking through the archives and you always look so gorgeous! you please, please, need to do a beauty tutorial or a list of your fav products or something, share your secret on how you achieve such a pretty look! (:


i love that you did your APAH on the day which you were traveling, it makes everything so much more interesting!


That was such an interesting post! Can't believe you managed to take photos at the airport. Your Doc Martens and coat are lovely. Sale goods always seem 10 times more attractive lol.


I must get me a pair of velvet leggings. And possibly some Docs - although I have size 8 feet so maybe not!


This has made me miss my docs so much! I had 3 pairs at one time and I really regret selling them.


Wow what a great post! I love these picture by the hour shots too...but you definitely can only do them if you've got a day to yourself. I should do this one day!

Love that last shot, such a great photo and your hair looks lovely up!


I love your blog! It is very entertaining to read. You have a great sense of style in fashion and writing. You make everything look so effortless and chic. I am enjoying your posts on Sweden. I would love to have the chance to visit the country someday. It looks fantastic. I hope you have a great rest of the year there.
P.S. I think the awesome boom box is from Urban Outfitters.

The Clothes Horse

I love this little peek into your day!

Ali (hello birdy)

I'm a big lover of APAH posts too! Though if I did mine right now it would be very very dull! I really wanted the velvet leggings that were in H&M for ages but I never did get them... I really must find myself a pair.


Really really nice post! Very much fun to read.


I love your blog! im obsesed with Hello Kitty too! lol . Please come visit my blog:

sarah hannah

ooooh thanks for the comment you left me! ive been stalking your blog on and off for like a year now! im not THAT creepy, honest. i just think you're as cute as a button! your skin and your hair ohmigod and your little figure in all your amazing outfits... ok, slightly creepy. kinda. i be quiet now.


ha, camera must be the thing that you never forget to bring with you!


I love your black coat! It's so lovely!


I love your Doc Martens! Also, I did a short post about you in my blog today:


wowww girl! looking so scandinavian in that last picture!! how do you do your hair like that? i think a tutorial is in order ;)

i love your docs, and you have instilled a craving in me for velvet leggings!


Fashion Tidbits

great pics! i think it's really interesting to do that and i love Rebecca's take on her blog too


love your last outfit, especially with the velvet leggings. you look so nice with your hair up, wish i could pull that off!

oh and the snow looks beautiful!


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