match your lipstick to your nails


Loving these shots from the latest N.E.E.T. magazine; you read it online for free but watch out for the million vintage e-shop adverts! Excessive tumblring means viewing many, many shots of American candy and home baking, so I have sweets on the brain (but do I ever not?). FYI the food stash I brought over here has disappeared. I can only blame myself.

Today I had the second photography class in the Textile Museum studio, where the class started two hours late!! I was there bright and early at 8.27 but the teacher didn't get there until after ten due to a mix up, and after we walked back and forth through the snow to the Textile school to find out what was up. After an hour I was mentally planning out the whole free day so was a bit gutted that the class went ahead but it was actually very cool! I handled a Nikon200 with the biggest paparazzi-style lens. The course ends in a week with an indoor photo shoot of our choice. Ooooh the possibilities! On Thursday we have to bring in some inspiration and I've got a truck load. I was thinking of doing something with the 30+  pairs of false lashes in my possession, or maybe cola can curls, blowing handfuls of glitter, or maybe taking advantage of the amazing youtube tutorials out there. Of course it will be cute, but less Lula, more POP. Not that I am thinking I will be a future photographer but it's more the styling that's exciting. I'm just planning on seeking a lot of guidance from the teacher and then taking multiple shots hoping to chance upon a decent one!

I just listened to a BBC Radio One documentary on Burning Man and it's made that festival bug creep up again. Although I'd work at V again if I really had nothing else planned (as there's no point doing it for the money or music, just the experience of an out of the ordinary weekend), I don't think I'd be a camper this year. I'd rather arrive fresh and ready with a teeny bag for the day than wake up hungover in a suffocating tent with mysterious piercings (true story!), and I know that the time spend on the campsite could be spent in an arena anyway! Seriously at the last Reading I went to I only saw about six bands! We spent the time lazing in our camp, but it was 30 degrees. Hmmm I don't know, every time I go I remind myself that camping doesn't have it's bonus points, but there's totally a voice saying 'wiiimpy diva' in my head haha. Once you pop you can't stop, I wish I'd saw Lady Gaga at V last summer. It's like the Erasmus programme I'm studying on, there's a voice in your head always saying 'do something new/exciting every single second! stop wasting time! you could sleep in England!'.


The shoot above did inspire me to wear a slick of lilac lipstick, layered over No.17 'Pink Power'. It's from Lime Crime, the make up line of Doe Deere who I posted about last year. Check the shop link for the true colour, which is an icy lilac. I bought the colour on a whim similar to the hair post below; I just need tacky, clashing colours! And I can safely say it is an amazing lipstick, the opaque colour goes on in one coat. I got the purest lilac so that I could mix it with pinks like today to find a shade I fancied. And I'll explain the pigtails later, although Prada SS10 should justify them straight away!


'Depend' nail polish in No.159 (Swedish brand), Mango crushed velvet dress, mynamenecklace Selina chain

Aaaah can't decide whether to go shopping in Gothenburg tomorrow! To check out the end of the sales but is it too early for new season stuff?

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