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Ahhh this weekend needs to be over! I woke up yesterday and had a mad cleaning session which only ever means I'm hungover or stressed. Thankfully either happens at least once a month so I am usually dust free! But seriously there are a few things worrying me right now, topped off with dramarama and general insanity. I'm resisting throwing a few eggs at one of my flatmates' door and it's so confusing to know people so temporarily. And to top it off just as I was listening to music excessively loudly and speed eating jelly tots, a day doesn't go by without a random middle eastern student lurking your Facebook and saying they are the man of your dreams. Euuurgh you positioned my friend last week! When I lost the post below after writing it for two whole hours I nearly cried. But no when you are existing alone in the world you just have to hit yourself a bit and read some calming fmlifes.

It's all starting to kick off here now as I had my first class on Thursday which is photography!  I would never get to take a class like that at home though so I will try to blag it! It was interesting to learn about light sensitivity and shutter speeds but I think I've reached an age where my brain just doesn't hold information. It's like a leaky tap and I can sit and listen avidly to a lecture but forget everything in a matter of hours. After fifteen+ years of education, I might have reached the limit. My porous brain has absorbed as much information as it can! I'll have to try to get rid of some useless knowledge, such as Ed Westwick trivia.

My new flatmates are all very cool, and the other new students I've met are lovely, especially the textiles girls! Last year felt quite cliquey after about a month but I made such good friends I don't think I can match it! There are some great new students though, like a boy from Hong Kong who studies fashion and in the night club I was like 'you're so fabulous!' and he was like 'darling, I know!!' hahaha! The new people on my floor are from Indonesia, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Austria, and then there are the Spanish guys from last year and my Chinese bestie Chichi of the Nutella and stirfry on toast fame. Oh and the Iranian guy we now don't need to talk to! There was another welcome dinner on Friday that I wasn't allowed to go to, but us old students crashed the after party and I watched in awe as about 100 people from all over the world jumped around to pop music in one big huddle. English people must have dancing barriers because here the exchange students always just go super crazy. I would blame it on alcohol but it's extortion! I also realised where all the Swedish people hang out when they're not in the one club. They go to McDonald's! Yes Chichi and I hit there after the afterparty for a midnight feast and it was rammed with young people generally flinging fries and acting rowdy in their super-sized duffel coats. On Thursday I spent the whole night looking for people, then going to the bar, then the toilets, then repeating that, so I don't even think I danced to one song! They have an English DJ up until around midnight who I tried to tempt into playing some Girls Aloud, but he sticks to terrible 90's RnB. I saw the Swedish guy I went on a few date things with last term and he invited me to his birthday party last night but by about 5o'clock I was ready to either kill myself with the aid of makeup brushes and felt tips or just end it quickly by jumping off the seventh floor balcony. So that's what has happened this week! Well only the things that have just came to mind, some nice and happy things did happen!

One such thing is this hello kitty watch that I picked up while stockpiling chocolate in England. Something told me 'No Selina put down the watch filled with sweets', but out the packet it is amaaazing. Especially the secret compartment! It has a pink soft plastic polka dot strap too.


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