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February 22, 2010



Could you please take a look on my new blog (i started yesterday ) ? I show some DIY stuffs and styles and ideas...
thank you <3



I love your blog precisely for the reasons you wrote! You're a real girl, writing about real experiences - you get excited about fashion week invites, seeing other bloggers, etc - you don't just take it as part of the package, in your stride. I actually read your entries fully, rather than skim, which I do with others. Susie is great but its hard to keep up!

Please post about your favourite blogs! After two years of reading I still only check up on 4-5!


by the way I'm off shopping for lent!! Well, a month, so I can save my grant money to shop in Berlin! yey!


Love these picture an hour posts :D glad you're home safe and sound!


whew what a day! I love these posts :) I think i'll do one next time i travel :)
London fashion week? Nice one! If i happen to see you wandering round the bullring, I'll try and introduce myself unless i chicken out (highly likely)
Enjoy LFW

Author in the making

hey selena!
i really do simply love your blog, you are so beautiful and you are a fantastic blog writer! you are a very real girl, who cares about other bloggers. I love your fashion sense and hope to have a blog as great as yours someday :)

plz check out mine xxxx


I had some blogs which I really used to love until they went all 'famous' and the content suffered. Fair enough, real life takes priority to blog life, but if they're still dining out on your blog fame I generally get bored and stop reading. I love your blog precisely because you do post 'what it feels like' to be places and do things like Copenhagen Fashion Week.

I agree with the above commenter, I'd love to hear about your favourite blogs.


I love the idea of doing a picture a day, I really want to try it the next time I travel. You are so lucky to have gone to fashion week... totally envious! I hope you had fun though...


Can you just go to the shows or were you invited? I never got how many seemed to get to go on the internet because they can't be very big rooms.
Oh and show us a picture of your jeans! I remember you writing about them ages ago and am dying to see them on you.

Coach Handbags

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You must've been excited about that sailor article ;)


I'm sad about all this backlash about blogs too and I feel it's a select few that let us down...and when I say select, I wouldn't know who these guys are as ALL of the bloggers I've met have been the loveliest people ever. You included of course!

Love these kind of posts too. Cannot wait to read what you have to say about LFW! I need to update mine!

Ali (hello birdy)

Crazy Bag Lady is my signature look! :o)


Bet your happy to be home! That sounds like one hell of a trip... Your blog is so nice to read, just like chatting to a friend!

Come by and say hello sometime...



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