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London Fashion Week- Day One and Only! Part Two...

London Fashion Week- Day One and Only! Part One...

Argh it's a new resolution to blog before hitting the google reader but it's so hard!! Like who knows what's happened in the blogging world today!? Well I'm about a week behind so it could be a lot. Never mind, I can blog aimlessly and ignore the whole bloggers/blaggers thing! Where is the love?!

I think a few (and myself) were a bit confused on the whole aspect of getting into shows and fashion week in general. You can apply for accreditation to get a pass into the exhibitions, where designers who don't have shows will set up a little area to show off their clothes, and you can just email designers to politely request show invites, mentioning your accreditation or not. Contrary to the whole blagger thang, I applied to a few shows that I knew I could get down to London for and I actually liked! There's no point in taking up space for a name I've never really checked out before and that I know readers aren't so interested in. And contrary to another belief, bloggers don't get tickets so easily! I didn't get tickets to any of the big name shows I emailed but I wish I'd got fewer tickets than I did so I could have spent longer round Somerset House! My grand total was um two tickets and a freebie third! So my blog isn't the biggest but this baby has been around for a good three years now, can you believe it?! So long!


So finally after three years I was heading to fashion week. And really my purpose was to share the experience with you guys, find some cool new brands, find some cool new people, and help spread the word and love for fashion week. Just think, previously it was shrouded in exclusivity and mystery until us lot started taking pictures of the people watching the shows as much as the shows themselves! I wasn't too nervous after going to Copenhagen Fashion Week and I only had Beyonce on my new phone so I listened to that really loudly while sewing a button and painting my nails, day dreaming about all the cool things that could happen today! It was Friday by the way, the opening day of the week- surely when everyone is at their most fabulous!

I'd hopped on an early train and had to put my mini case in hold at Paddington as I was staying with a friend that night. Isn't it true that no matter how much you minimise your stuff, you still end up having a heavy bag? Or maybe that's because my Luella bag is stupidly heavy! The charms weigh as much as a couple of baby elephants alone. But as it was the first real fashion event I was attending, how can you not wear your 'best' things? I had a bit of trouble deciding an outfit because it's tempting to think 'right, what's my most fabulous dress? Ok and my most fabulous tights? And my most fabulous shoes? Ooo and fabulous makeup and accessories!!' and before long you are looking a bit loony and defeating the object of the best outfit, not the best individual things. So I knew straight off it was time for my Miu Miu shoes, I always said after breaking them a bit and having them sent back to Italy, I'd only wear them again to a fashion show. Along with them and my Gina Tricot coat with loads of bright gold buttons, you don't need much else! I was thinking of going for some patterned tights but from Copenhagen I realised it's not so comfortable to wear something attention-grabbing when you're making your way around. It's just nice to wear something cute if people happen to spot you. So I wore my all time trusty velvet leggings, the best buy this year on wear alone!

After taking a few tubes I got to Covent Garden and popped into the nearest place to change my flats. Of course I didn't go down in the heels haha, but my thoughts of changing into flats when walking around was quickly ruined as the whole point of LFW is to look fabulous while walking around. No one is looking at you in the shows, they're looking at the models and clothes! I spotted a Dune shoe shop and quickly asked if I could change my shoes, and it was then that the show cooing started! The sales assistants were admiring the shoes and throughout the day I was always saying 'I only got them on sale!!' to sort of show I don't exactly usually wear these and it's a bit of a lucky fluke I own them anyway! I put them on way too early and should have waited until the venue was in sight and these shoes and cobble stones do not mix!!


I'm pretty good with directions but in London if you turn off a wrong street, it points you in a totally different direction and you are suddenly at a different landmark or famous street! I walked past Covent Garden and down Strand the wrong way for Somerset House, the main venue where the shows and exhibitions were held. People's eyes kept going down to my feet as these shoes are super high and I was tottering along with my heavy bag on one arm, charms jangling excitedly. A lady even said 'hey, your shoes are wicked!' and I was like ahhh thanks! A compliment from a woman is nicer than a call from a man most of the time! Well unless the man is talking about your shoes and not just being pervy! I eventually saw some fashionable looking girls walking in the opposite direction and stopped the kind gentlemen below asking for directions. I love businessmen with London accents! They were like 'ooo allllriiight, you're orrrf to fashion week aren't ya?', haha!


I strutted on allll the way down and finally got to Somerset House! I wasn't exactly sure what it would be, like a house that happened to have huge rooms big enough to house catwalks?? Right in the middle of this busy street? I started noticing quite fashionable looking people all around and felt like I was part of a cool club!


Turns out Somerset House is like you're transported to a stately home in the country side, and just as you walk off the street in the small entrance archway, there is a huge courtyard with the house all around, so there are many entrances and halls. It finally clicked that the 'tents' where they say shows are always held was just a huge black box in the middle of the courtyard. Hardly a tent! Despite it being massive, I didn't quite know how they could fit the whole catwalk and all the backstage stuff in there! The photo below shows some very overcast skies but the predicted rain stayed away that day luckily!


It was about 12 but there wasn't swarms of people like I'd imagined, but enough standing around and walking to and from the hall behind the tent, where you could get into exhibitions and pick up your passes. I'd applied for a press accreditation which got you into the exhibitions and sort of approved your status as a valid press member! I asked one of the guides where the hall was and she kindly pointed me around the house and I tottered on! It's so cool to see so many fashionable people, and it's certainly very London centric. By the end of the day everyone started blurring into a big fashionable tribe! I think I went round the wrongish side of the tent as I went right, but it was lucky as I bumped into Audrey of Frassy, a seriously great blogger! She is incredibly cool and I met her on the Eurostar Paris trip before so it was nice to see a friendly face! We had a little gossip and Audrey is a seasoned fashion week goer so I'm sure got some great coverage, check out her blog!

I went on to get my press pass and they scanned my print out and handed me a Mulberry doodled LFW tote bag with a mini guide inside. I was mistakenly not given my pass but I thought maybe the bag acted like a pass or that my pass was in the bag and didn't think much of it! I sorted out my bag on a seat and it struck me just how many people were there in the hall! I had no expectations but I looked at everyone like they were potentially a super important industry member or in the least had a reason to attend fashion week so they were beyond cool! Funnily enough I was approached by a lady doing video interviews about fashion blogs and I was like 'oh, I'm a fashion blogger!'. As bloggers seem to be the buzz topic of fashion week this happened quite a lot. I had to say on film a little about my favourite blog (I have so many but Style Bubble is my ultimate favourite!) and then another lady asked to take a snap of my shoes. It seems that once you are stopped by someone, many more people will approach you. I do think it's hard for street style photographers as I would be quite unnerved if I had to approach people who were walking with purpose, and if anyone approached me for a photo I'd always say 'umm what's it for?' rather than 'oh wow how flattering!' which I was also thinking!


I had a show a bit further away at 1.30 so I made my way around the other side of the tent where all the action seemed to be. I wished I'd had time to visit the Topshop Hot Choc Stop! I wonder if they were free? You can see people brandishing cameras all around and it's a bit strange when someone is obviously a street style photographer and they look at you but don't ask for a photo. No one really talks of the experience of being street style photographed and it is really cool but also comes with not being photographed! But I'll go into that later. As I'd got round the side of the tent a lady asked for a photo of my outfit, and then another lady hovered and asked for one of my shoes, and then a few more people waited! I was trying to stand in a normal position and thinking 'wow this is totally a fashion week, I'm being street styled for the first time!' when Fi of Save Our Shoes and Reena of Fashion Daydreams came over! I'd met them both on different occasions but they are totally lovely; the nicest bloggers you could meet! Maybe the fashion blog negativity is because the fashion bloggers are so nice and can form such great friendships!


Aren't they gorgeous! Doing London proud, what cool, quirky yet cute outfits! We had a little gossip about whether Facehunter was around and which other bloggers were out before I had to get off to the 1.30 show, getting a little lost on the way! I was checking my map outside the Hilton when a lady asked for a photo and said she was from Elle! My heart skipped a little beat but the photo isn't on the website boo! I asked each photographer where they were from so I could check back and put the photos up here but most were from trend forecasting sites or random places that weren't street style sites at all! I did pluck this photo from SOS! Save Our Shoes which so far is the only photo I can find, but I'll keep looking! Thank you Fi! If it helps I wore a big white bow in my standard curls and orangey/red lipstick.


This won't be the longest post ever (I've done way too many of those!) so I'll write tomorrow about getting extra tickets, seeing some minor celebs, and causing myself insane pain!

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