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February 25, 2010



can't wait for the next post! you are one brave lady! heels & cobblestones! my oh my!

Style Eyes

Oh I know how you feel about the whole outfit thing. I went to the exhbition on Tuesday. It was pretty hard work with everything that I was carrying, camera etc, my wedge boots etc. It was great fun but glad I don't have to do it every day. Looks like you had a great time.

I know what you mean about bloggers. It is such a lovely and friendly community.

Lucie x

Ahhhh heels on cobblestones, how did you cope? And a Topshop icecream van? Truly surreal... Wow, I am so jealous you got to attend!



saw a pic of the miu miu shoes on this blog


and thought to myself, I think thats selina...
but I wasnt sure

but now I'm sure!

(your near the end of the page, it was posted a few days ago)

love reading your blog!




Fab post, so much info to take in! I am so glaf you had lots of fun!

carrie / wishwishwish

oh its suchhhh a shame that i didn't see you! Would have been lovely to have met you! I saw Fiona and Reena that day too! xx


This post so summarises what it's like going to fashion week, I love your long posts! I wish I had seen people I knew when I was there, I think if I had seen you I would have had to run over and tell you how much I like the blog.

Bloggy nerdness over.

tess stam

enjoyed the read! love the topshop icecream van & i wish i had made ldn fashion week... thankyou for your comment.


Author in the making

wow it sounds amazing!!!!! i always love your posts xxx


Corrr Selina!! I feel like i'm right next to you living these moments when you type it up - amazing! You describe to such detail, i love it :D Feels like I'm in Landaaaaaan!!
Your coat is fabulous, and the shoes are incredible. Definitely a show stopper! I can only imagine the thoughts that first pop up into your head when someone asks for a pic, cos you never know do you! I'm gonna catch up with your latest blog entries over the weekend with a cuppa and spam your inbox with ma comments LOL! :D xxxx


your experience is very amazing. really like to be in the event.

paddy razzi

Aww glad you had such a nice time, wish I could have been there!!!



Oh, that sounds absolutely awesome. I got photographed by the Dutch ELLE once, and it took three days or so before it appeared on the website, so maybe they're waiting until they have a whole bunch before they put them up?
Anyway. I absolutely love your outfit!

Lady Julianne

Some street style photographer took a picture of me and one of my best friends at the Wireless Festival in 2007 but I've yet to see it anywhere! Sometimes it's for a magazine and then they only choose the best ones I guess. Sad because I was so excited!


I love your updates! Keep them coming :)



Are you planning on going this month too? I'm still waiting to see if get accreditation :/



Sounds amazing! How did you manage to get the tickets?!


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