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London Fashion Week- Day One and Only! Part Two...

Alright my lovelies? Ah today I feel like my head isn't screwed on! Days in England are coming to an end and there's things to do, people to see, and no time! I haven't even thought about stocking up on chocolate rations, I need to get on that! I wish I had longer! But here's the rest of my London Fashion Week, no details spared as usual!


I left off when I was just about to hit the first (of two) shows I had invites to. Time was ticking and the road to Victoria House was looking miiighty long, so I hailed a cab! Well, first I considered how you actually hailed a cab, do they do that in London? I managed to spot one that was stopping anyway and had a nice chat with the driver, as you do in London! There was already a queue for the show full of all different kinds of people. The youngest people seemed to be dressed up the most, with lots of brown vintage, great coats, and shoe booties. Check the fab cape below.


Then there were the opposites of older (but I'm only talking like 30/40) women in normal black coats, who were probably more important! I thought the queue was quite long already but it continued up the road during the 45 minute wait. And that wait wasn't even bad! I have no idea how I managed to wear my Miu Mius to a Girls Aloud concert and an after club without pain, yet by now my feet were starting to hurt. Because the patent leather is a stiffer material, it does dig and rub, and they don't position your weight very well. Sometimes when I was walking I could feel my knees wobbling! There was a fabulous lady behind me in what turned out to be a Scottish hat. It wasn't something I've ever seen before, it was almost like a red cylinder with a black pompom on the top if I'm remembering rightly. I was quite intrigued as street style photographers kept asking for photos but she politely refused. That's when I saw Facehunter again!


Check out Claire from The View From Here who facehunted the Facehunter in Copenhagen! Her friend Ruth dared her and she actually did it, while we watched in awe saying 'omg!! facehunting the facehunter!!'. Now like I mentioned in the previous post, street style isn't all fun and games. Again Mr Facehunter went up the queue eyeing everyone up and asked the lady behind me with the amazing hat for a photo, which she sweetly declined. It's almost like your long time school crush rejecting you when Facehunter walks by and doesn't deem you fit for his site. Like Facehunter has been a major street style blog ever since I started and I always dreamed of being featured on there. After seeing the guy absolutely everywhere through Copenhagen and London Fashion Week the novelty kind of wears off and you see him taking photos of very specific looks. And by the way he's not actually looking each queue member up and down and then moving on, but I knew who he was so I spied him walking slowly up the queue checking out everyone.

I think I must have eagle eyes because suddenly I spotted my blog idol, Susie Bubble!! This is so stalkerish of me, I'm sorry Susie! But you can just make her out in the centre of the picture on the phone, in the cage skirt!! Seeing bloggers in real life isn't strange after 0.48475 seconds, it's just cool, almost like your friend! I had the urge to be like Susieeee just like if you see your friend while you're on a bus and have the need to bang on the window like heeey!!!


By now I was pretty bored to be honest and in a bit of pain, so really wanted to talk to the people around me. You assume people are busy on their blackberries or don't really want to make small talk, but that's so wrong! Eventually a few people started asking for people with pink or gold stars on their invitations to come to the front. This happened for about fifteen minutes and I said 'haha do you have a green pen?' to the cool hat lady. And with that we had a great little chat! I told her about Facehunter and asked why she wasn't keen on having photos taken. She didn't have a particular reason, just preferred being behind the camera! I guess you either say a blanket no to everyone or you say yes to everyone and who knows where your photo will end up! I have no idea where any of mine where and I posed for about ten.
Us bloggers may 'blag' our way into shows, but it's actually hard work! In Copenhagen you were at least let into shows on time and there were drinks provided, but in the shows in London we were outside for ages. I was glad I'd came early and wasn't at the back of the queue but that did mean I was standing for so long; at least the sun came out! These post fashion week cars started pulling up and I'd hold my breath each time the doors were opened but I didn't spot anyone I recognised!


Much to my delight, a street style photographer wanted to take my photo again! They'd kept looking right past me for the whole time I was queuing but this Japanese dude with the gold scrunchie asked for a snap! He said he liked my hair and bow, which fits I guess! So you can't take it all to heart, different photographers are looking for different things and he said he was from a Japanese magazine, and they're more interested in bows and red curls than maybe others are! Again, no idea what the magazine was, but I smiled anyway! His scrunchie reminded me of little babies when you tie a bobble to their small tufts of hair and they stick right up like a pineapple!


Maybe it's time to talk about the show! Finally the crowd started moving forward and we went straight into the small hall, all white and dimly lit. A white sticker means you're standing so I walked right round the side to get the first views of the models. Unlike Copenhagen there were no drinks, wide spaces, extra benches for the standing; it was just like a smush with most of the end of the queue pushed up at the back. It almost felt like it made no difference if you were at the show or not as the standers don't make any impact. It does make you feel a bit like an unimportant blagger! The reason I applied to this show was that one half of Aminaka Wilmont, Maki Aminaka, studied at my University in Sweden! So she walked the halls of the Textile building and at 10am sharp she probably joined the sudden influx of students on the mid morning break (classes are always 8.30-12 or 4.30 eek) all decked out in wedges and tight denim and hair buns. I might have to sneak my camera in there some time actually, it really is a nice sight! So it was quite special to apply for a show that was from my tiny University and so pleased I got a ticket! It was part of Blow's shows, who showed most of the off schedule shows too I think, so keep in mind that they consider bloggers.


The standers are obviously the last bunch to troop in as the show started almost straight away. As I'm reporting on the show and the ultimate end to the experience is putting up pictures and info here, it's quite hard when you're standing to get decent coverage. I understand that the seaters are getting information for buying and reporting purposes too, but being seated does make a huge difference. When I crashed the Minimarket front row the experience was so incredible, all the setting and makeup and music comes together as you can relax and enjoy it and get such a clear view, but when you're standing you can barely see the clothes, let alone the shoes/hair/makeup. I'm not complaining though, compared to Copenhagen the shows were even more atmospheric here. The models were thinner and taller and everything was that little bit more extreme but streamlined. Not being seated tends to mean you don't get any information on the show as there's usually a booklet or print out on your seat, but I found online that the show was inspired by the aftermath of a catastrophe and the beauty of being so raw. This fits so well when I look back and see the model's hair whipped into a wind-swept frenzy on one side, as though frozen in a chaotic moment.


The clothes seemed to have a marbled or paint-splattered effect, the sort of pattern that can be draped tightly against the body making it look effortless but still beautiful. Like say if the dress above was in a solid colour, it might almost look scruffy, but the fabric turns it into something else.


Forgive my questionable photos but you can  just make out the coats near the end of the show and the feather head pieces, which seemed quite melancholic to me, almost like the way birds can represent bad times or bad luck.


I'm a huge, huge model fan and was dying to go to a show with recognisable faces in it but I didn't recognise any here, although they were breathtaking. I'm not one for thinking about weight as truly every shape is beautiful but there's something amazing about such thin, tall frames draped in these dresses without underwear or bags and tights to get in the way. Like seeing them raw just put on a body is very beautiful and fresh. If there were 'plus size' models here like the Mark Fast show I can imagine the effect being the same- all you need is a naked body and a strut! And most of the models did have boobs and hips despite being very thin, we must stop thinking as models as something alien and remember they are women first, models second!

I've ran out of time now but I think this is long enough already! I'm going to Warwick tonight to visit the girls I met in Sweden ohlala! Have nice Fridays people, yay it's the weekend!

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