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February 26, 2010


Faux Naïf

you make me feel like such a terrible blogger - i don't think i've ever written anything one third as long as this (but it's just wonderful! you're so lucky to go to fashion week - i'd die for that chance).

have a nice weekend!

Author in the making

wow it sounds like an icredible experience! you are such a fantastic blogger :)


Heey, were you in the bullring today?
I think I maaaayyy have seen you...
and Yusss, I agree with author in the making hahah,
lovelovelove your blog :)


So jealous you got to go to fashion week! And whereabouts are you going to be staying at Warwick because that's the uni I am at!! :D


Too bad you didnt get a chance to chat with Susie, I'm sure she would have liked to! All these London posts are making my homesiiiick (Well, my "Second home"). I haven't planned it or booked anything yet but I'm 99.9% sure I'll be coming to London again this summer... this time for LONGER!! I'm so excited, I can't beleive we just missed each other last year, you were on Oxford street and everything (my flat was just off of there). This time we HAVE to meet for some shopping and gossip, I can't wait!


Goodness me that's a long post, you put us all to shame!
Very interesting though at the same time, big is better :)

I love Aminaka Wilmont, I got to interview them both and J Smith the headpiece designer last season and they were all lovely and so inspired!




Ah I love these FW posts! What a day you've had! You're so brave to go down by yourself and everything, I envy your confidence. i can't believe the models were skinnier in London, I thought it would have been the other way around, but I guess it could be down to LFW being on a more worldwide stage



I bumped into Susie too and was less starstruck than last time haha, one of the reasons why she is such an awesome blogger is that she is so normal! I love that Japanese magazine guy, his style is so fun, I might have spotted him at some point too, hard to miss him really! Shame I missed you, hopefully we will both be around for ss11 in sept!!


i loved this show i thought it was fab xoxox

Jessica Harriott-Kerr

Hi There.

I spoke to you at Kasbah on Friday. I maintain your blog is really good. Your mate was right, you really are a bit of a celeb!

Love Jessics




Love your blog http://leoniebird.blogspot.com/


You're so lucky!! That sounds like an amazing experience. And I totally know what you mean about yelling to Susie across the street- I would do that, too!


Its refreshing to here you talk about the pain heels caused you because bloggers seem to think it's ok to rate heels by "comfort level" which is just retarded as it implies the exact opposite. Also I can't wear heels for too long, they just massacre your feet. They aren't natural and though they look good, I just dont see how anyone can wear them on a day to day basis. Give me docs any day

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