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March 29, 2010



Amazing dress!! It was great to hear its history. Definitely brings an extra dimension to it! Now I really wish I was the least bit handy with a needle. Unfortunately even my younger brother can put me to shame in that respect -.-


oh i love it, i remember doing this with any fabric i could find, too..botching together really as this was waay before i did any proper dressmaking classes! i love it ;)


Such a cute dress! Lovely to hear a story too.



I really love that dress!

Author in the making

wow amazing dress and it looks great on u. u r so pretty hope you had a fab party xxx

Maria Ana

It is so well cut and fun!


oh i love this post! what a sweet history to the dress, i usually overhaul my wardrobe every two years and sometimes i find one item that still looks good and has stood the test of time, aka can be worn quite respectably and compliment my current tastes.
this dress is great, it emphasizes your little waist!


It's so nice to see that dress again, I remember the alphabet one too (at least I think I do?). It's sweet, and cannot believe that back in the day you could get things for that cheap in the big yellow...or cow as it's now known!

I know what you mean about being a little concious when you first meet people. I definitely don't dress 'out there' but I'm not afraid of a bit of colour so I tentatively introduce colours into my days at uni...because when you first start, you really don't want to stand out too much and I'm a little shy anyway. Now though, I'm pretty comfortable and now my coursemates know to expect cute skirts and bright tights!


This dress is fantastic !

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