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March 23, 2010



Wow that sucks that your computer isn't working! But about the not-having-places-to-wear-cool-outfits issues, someone wise (not sure who) once said that you should dress for your real life...so I hope that helps!

I love Aldo...and that campaign is very 2010's doing 1980's doing the 1950's (if that makes any sense)


I love Jessica Stam she always brings a great sense of fun to her photoshoots, she's one of my fave models.

I love those Irregular Choice shoes, i totally need to go shoes shopping sometime since winter all I seem to have are boots!

Author in the making

oh completely beautiful photoshoot! i hope u survive without a computer my dear xx those bow shoes are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!


God, I love irregular choice! The shoes are so cute!
And I love the aldo campaign :')


Wow those Aldo shots with Jessica Stam are beautiful, she looks amazing!!

Ahh I need some new shoes in my life too. Love the nude tones!


I love Jessica Stam so much, and those brogues are my dream!


Boo to no laptop! I've had no internet for the past week and just didn't know what to do with myself...

Those shoes are stunning and the Aldo campaign is awesome!



Gem Fatale

I love this campaign so much. Jessica Stam is cute as a button.
Well done for being so calm about the laptop breaking!! I'd literally flip my lid. And I'm not miles from home like you, so again, well done!!


ahh aldo + jess stam = love !


i work for schuh and the material bow on the irregular choice heels isnt that long in person, so it doesnt trail along the ground :)
i am in love with the nude aldo shoes, so gorgeous! but with nude shoes, especially suede, im always nervous that they are going to get dirty and stained xx


Wow, those heart shoes are so cute! I love these pictures, they're very inspiring!


I thought those Aldo add campaigns were so cute as well!!



amazing campaign, i always tend to just pass by Aldo so maybe i'll actually go in for a look now, and is it wrong i've immediately dreamt up an outfit to wear those palm tree wedges with???oh dear


Stam looks amazing. I think she looks younger every year, haha ;]

Style Eyes

Oh no a real shame about your computer. I feel so lost without mine. I love those wedges. Not sure if I would ever wear them but love them anyway.


What an adorable campaign!


I haven't checked in on here for so long, but I must say I absolutely love ur stream of thoughts concerning fashion and clothing and outfit and styling... I totally agree on how at the beginning of spring I alrdy picture myself in so many cute outfits, and feel so incredibly inspired. But when it gets to the point when it's summer, it's too hot for me to feel much inspired anymore. Such a shame!

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Wow! I love the summer beach shoes. so pretty.


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