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March 04, 2010



Ahh, I was at David Koma too! Surprised I didn't see you actually... Glad you had a goo time despite it being brief and you having hurty feet. It's all part of LFW I guess!




It was really nice meeting you too (: Its a shame you left me when you did, about 2 mins later Nicola Roberts and Rachel Stevens (a bit random) turned up and the paparazzi were everywhere!
Ps. Its Kat with a K (:


Wow, what a epic post! Gosh, I think I felt your pain for your poor feet all the way through this post, I know how you feel but it seems you were in FAR more pain than I was!! Next time, I am definitely sticking some flats in my bag because I hated having to shell out the extra cash for some shoes!

Also, missed some of that exhibition, I only really did the main floor...and never had time to go back again. I meant to go on the Tuesday but I never got round to it!

David Koma looked awesome and I'm sure you'll meet Susie soon! I am always so blown away at how cool she looks in real life!


Thank you for the mention! It was lovely to meet you, albeit briefly! Next season let's go for cupcakes!

And re: shoe malfunction, I would have had a diva fit. Waaaa. I hope they're ok and you managed to fix them.


Author in the making

ooh i feel your pain honey!!!! well done for stickign it out, i am seriously envious lol ;) great post xxx u r an amazing blogger

The Clothes Horse

Oh man, all the shoe shots are seriously making me covet! Mad props to you for wearing those heels all day!


Oh I absolutely loved reading this! London Fashion Week sounds like an absolute adventure :) It's terrible your shoe broke again - almost like the designer expected you to put it in a glass box and look at it all day, instead of wearing it. Well done walking around in those all day, I would've switched to flats after like an hour, tough cookie indeed!

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