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the curse of the body-con dress

A few years ago people didn't wear body-con or bandage dresses to clubs. There just wasn't the trend for simple or patterned pieces of stretchy cotton, or the more advanced versions with embellishments and cut outs. The high street just didn't sell the skirts or dresses. Now check out any high street store and they have every sort of stretchy piece you could wish for, from stripes to florals to abstract patterns. And go to a club and the majority of girls are in body-con with cute tights or worn with bare legs. I think we've reached the point of no return, like skinny jeans, where you can't imagine it ever going out of style since you realised they're the most flattering thing ever.

My forays in body-con started when I was an innocent fresher and I bought the American Apparel U-Neck Dress in purple, as shown here in my Uni halls in 2008, and woah did it change my wardrobe forever! Maybe before I actually was, but I'd always considered myself to be a boyish shape as I was skinny and had a very small bust. I couldn't see past this but in a body-con dress somehow I found I was very hourglass with enough junk in the trunk for people to come up and tell me all the time and hey, still the small boobs. I realised that the American Apparel models always have this figure and found the cut of their dresses, from the neckline to the sleeve length to the total length, were perfect for me! So I got a black one too and soon the long sleeved black version and then original pink version, and I wear them constantly!

During a debate in a global economy class last week, a German girl was arguing her point and said, "Take American Apparel, they say they're ethical but their clothes are such terrible quality," and I was like I've had dresses from there that have lasted over two years and are still in great condition, and she said, "Well you must not know anything about quality then." I did think wow, no need to be mean and personal, but I mostly felt quite defensive of my body-con saviors. I've tried other shops since and own a number of other body-con numbers, for example the Motel Matilda leopard dress above that I originally got on ASOS. I always end up buying a new body-con dress when I feel in the need of a new night-out outfit, but they never make the grade and my AA dresses stay in heavy rotation. Motel would be second in my preferable BC (body-con!) brands as I've got another one of the 3/4 sleeved dresses with white roses, and they're much more forgiving! I certainly don't want a Don't Show-cha Your Chocha moment so I'll always be wearing tights with them; in fact most of the photos I took before I went out on Thursday night made the dress seem much shorter than it is, so apologies that this one is slightly blurry! I also wore Topshop bow print tights. I can never buy BC dresses from Topshop though because they just don't fit! The Topshop 'girl' seems to have a fuller bust and less hips and ass than me so I don't buy from there very often at all. H&M's versions aren't small enough in the waist and the necklines aren't cut as rounded as the AA version.

The thing is though now, I can't not wear a body-con dress out. Sometimes when I don't fancy wearing something that shows my body that much, I'll change it up and wear my tiny blue I'm Your Present playsuit, but even then that's very short!  But I'm under the curse of body-con now, and I wonder if other girls feel the same? It feels like there's no point in wearing any other style of dress as I don't look nice. When you go on a night out, it's a chance to go all out and you want to leave the house looking your optimum and leaving no stone unturned. If I forget perfume or don't have time to put on false lashes it really bugs me, like the night is not as good as it could have been. When I feel good about myself, I'm much more comfortable, so have a much better time. If I don't wear a body-con dress that is a good cut for me, I feel I'm not doing myself any justice. In a sea of hundreds of girls at the club, I'm not showing my best assets or looking nice at all. Me going out in a flared skirt is almost like me going out in a plunging top; there's no point! I wouldn't wear something that doesn't suit my body shape so should I wear something that doesn't accentuate it? I'm certainly not saying you must always flaunt yourself around as I wear whatever I like during the day whether it looks 'attractive' or not, but when I go out I want to look as fabulous and attractive as possible. I am single so that does partially come into it; I want to project my true self out there and by wearing a body-con dress I'm saying hello, this is me! If someone talks to me I feel they like the parts of myself that I like best, so I am more confident.

So body-con is really the only way I can accentuate my hourglass and I feel I'm tied to them because nothing else has the same effect! I used to wear seriously padded or gel bras to balance out my top half a bit but since putting on a bit more womanly weight than when I was 19, I've filled out a bit more so can throw away those bras! I'm also not saying I am Hotty McHot when I wear these dresses, in fact I've perfected the art of constantly breathing in; especially important when wearing a non-patterned dress of all one colour. BD dresses also tackle the annoyance of tops for me as I never find tops that suit me. My shoulders end up looking very broad if my waist looks smaller and I'm never excited about tops anyway; they always seem like an empty purchase that can be worn once and then not again for a few weeks. So if I feel my Facebook photos have a serious case of déjà vu after the 20th wear of an AA dress, I have the conundrum and confinement of only finding a body-con dress. I could try on a perfectly nice dress in a different style but despite being a nice dress, it wouldn't be nice on me. I wouldn't do it justice and it wouldn't do me justice. Frankly though, I'm wondering if I have to wear stretchy cotton for the rest of my life? And also will I ever find a more flattering dress for myself than the AA long sleeved dress?

I only ever wear my purple AA dress on certain occasions as it solicits many responses from random people on how I do have more junk in the trunk than most, and if a drink is splashed on it by others it's more noticeable because of the colour. I did wear it to a club in Birmingham when I was home but I was really tired that day after a night out in Warwick the night before and the one girl in the group I was going out with was wearing flats. She is my bestie and I don't like towering over her anyway so I wore flats, and it just wasn't the same. With a body-con dress you must go all out and heels make you stand taller and prouder, thus you look better and are more confident in your body that is quite exposed. My sister somehow got lucky with huge boobs that sadly aren't in my genes, and she likes a good body-con dress too (often mine!). But she doesn't like her legs as much and can wear a dress with a flared skirt that highlights her amazingly small waist and great bust, and she'll look fantastic and feel great. It's all about what aspect of yourself makes you most confident. I hope this post isn't taken in any other way than how I mean it, as I hope it's a positive thing if you flaunt your favourite parts of yourself and what you think are your best assets, be it great hair, legs, ass, or even smile, and forgetting your flaws or insecurities, be it hair, legs, ass, or even smile, haha! I could go on for even longer about the parts of myself that are terrible but it's much healthier to focus on things you do like. But I feel by now that I've found my own perfection that is the AA dresses, so I can never find anything better. I would gladly wear them forever more but after two years, it's getting a bit much. Am I stuck in a rut or lucky I've found something I like so much? I made this post because it seems SO many girls out there are turning to body-con dresses for their nights out and I'm wondering if they're under the curse too. Could you part from your body-con dresses?

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