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You guys know that I posted about my room being painted pink and showed the photo my Mom sent of the wall colour. Well my friend drove us home on Sunday night and I went up to see the colour and woooooah the whole room had changed! I hate surprises so I was totally shocked no-one said anything about it as it's amazing! I've never had a room of my own because our house used to be a guest house so my family and I slept on the below-ground floor, which were basically basements. I shared a huge room with my two younger brothers and younger sister up until I was about thirteen, which by then I really hated and my sister and I would rearrange our half all the time to create our own sides divided by the bunk beds. My parents got rid of the guest house and when they split up everyone moved upstairs and I went into my parent's old basement, which you'll see in early blog posts. I was an avid charity shopper then and it was huge so I filled it with stuff and my friends always, always stayed over after nights out. 

But after a while I got a little freaked out sleeping all by myself at the bottom of the house and started sleeping in one of the spare rooms, and my brother moved back down and filled our old room which is like his own flat now! So I didn't mind giving my other brother my old bedroom for good and staying in the brown and green spare room, but over these few years it's really annoyed me how I didn't have anywhere to keep anything or anywhere permanent to have my own space. Still I only wanted it painted though and that would be enough, but my Mom totally did it all out! I still have that same wardrobe, desk, and bedside table but there's a new mirror with a fabric frame and really long spotty curtains and the best part, a double bed! I said once in passing randomly that my brother has a double bed and I'm still sleeping in the spare room single bed even though I'm 20 now, and my Mom got one with a curly white frame and got Cath Kidston bedsheets. There is a birdcage light from her room and fairy lights around the bed, and big gold letters spelling out 'SLEEP'' on the wall and a butterfly frame.


The cat hasn't moved from this spot! Ah love the cover! There's a stripy bedsheet underneath too!

It was all done cost friendly though because the drawers of my old dressers are just painted and things were picked up on sale. I only know the bed was from Argos but I can ask about the rest. The 'S' from the sleep sign actually fell down yesterday because it was on sale as it had broke in half, and then my curtain fell on me and the cap ripped my cushion! The cats love it in here and nestle themselves on the bed; in fact I'm fighting for space on my chair right now as one is curled up behind me!

I've unpacked now but I've tried to keep everything put away. It feels like you could lay a lot of things out to make the room look cuter like rows of nail polish and magazine cut outs, but really it's so much more stress free and calm when there is lots of space; and once you have your phone and diary and bag and maybe a drink around you, the space is filled anyway! It signifies hopefully a productive summer and I'm looking forward to starting back at Manchester prepared and ready. A while to go though! I also made a video of the room so you can get a better view and talked a bit about it. Not sure where to take outfit photos though, maybe against the curtains or the pink wall? It feels really weird to have a room of my own; first time for everything!

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