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May 03, 2010



Oh wow, great post! I love the pearl collar. I've actually been eyeing a few pearl collar type necklaces up and It might have to be something to purchase soooon! Especially if they're going to be around come AW.

Ah good luck with the work exp/internship! You're going to have an amazing few weeks and you're going to learn so much! Quite envious that you'll be London bound and get to hang out with awesome bloggers...but mark my words, hopefully both of us will be more permanently London bound in the near future! Ahhh on to the job hunt...

The Clothes Horse

It looks really cool in there and so many fun new things.
I too remember when ballet flats weren't popular! I actually remember finding a pair and feeling something "click" inside me like "these are the shoes I have been searching for and I didn't even know!"

Miss Believer

Oh my, I can remember back in sixth form (so, 2002?) looking at Glamour magazine at my friends house ad being like 'Flat boots? WTF?'. So odd to think there was a time when flats just didn't happen. What did we do?

I have a light pink (fake) fur bolero thing that I've never worn..I hope it becomes acceptable! I do however have a short black furry jacket my mum got me from a charity shop about 6 years ago and I've worn that to death! x

Author in the making

wow the collection looks amazing!!!! i love the forest affect- the clothing looks so glamorous xxx


i love the pearl collar! miss selfridge has such cute stuff in, i love their overuse of bows haha

carrie / wishwishwish

yay! the pearl collar! it's lovely. I'll be keeping my eye out for that one! xxx


I've really enjoyes these posts. Do you know if there is anything you'd like for autumn yet?


oh wow i went to this too. it was for the topshop make up. it was gorge. i need some now :)


Wow, it looks absolutely stunning! It looks so lovely!




Is the pearl collar part of a dress or seperate? i'm in love
I totally know what you mean about mary janes - what did we wear before then?? those tapestry mary janes are beautifulllll, pity i can't wear heels! i'm wearing a pair of tapestry office flats as i type! hehe!

i'm enamored with what i've seen, maybe its all the lighting and all the outfits being together in such a mystical/rustic/folksy setting thats contributing to that feeling though!


It's amazing how much thought Arcadia put into set dressing their press days each season. LLGxx


I'm going to make myself a pearl collar this eve i thinhk ,and i cannot wait to purchase a pair of those tapestry platforms!

if you get chance, feel free to enter my giveaway :)


I almost wanted it was autumn /winter again! ;)


so nice pieces!


Wow, it's like an enchanted forest. Amazing. Absolutely love the floral mary-janes. I don't get the appeal of clogs. It's autumn here in NZ and I haven't seen any maxi dresses for winter but there is definitely a lot of fur around and sequins and embellishments are still all over the show. Great post :)

New Zealand style


o_O I love the new fashion! It must be really fun working at fashion events!!! I really like that Maxi dresses are in for winter because now I can wear them more. I also like the mary jane flower heels. They are GORGEOUS!!!

As for your clothes making you look like 12... lol
Would heavy make-up and an up-do make-up for it? Or would that make you look like a 12-year-old who wants to look older? :-(


Ooh it all looks lovely. I hope autumn stuff starts coming into the shops before I go on my year abroad in september!


Ooo I love all the stuff! Lucky duck, I want your job =P


Ah these are such great pictures thanks for sharing, looks like a really fun day, im really love miss selfridge at the moment!


wow look fun..:)


WOW. The setting looks amazing! Even more than the clothes!



oh wowww, this looks seriously amazing! very jealous!!





I love all these photos! I just found your blog and its super fun :) Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

krishna Gurung

Really nice photos.....I am a staff of Miss Selfridge in Bahrain(BCC)...hear its very small with very few collection i wish some day we'll get the same wat they had in UK...for the peopoe in gulf..................

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