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July 23, 2010



Oh yay you will love your blythe!!! I have four blythes hehe, in fact one of my friends took the photo that is under your about me bio :) are you on flickr, there is like a whole blythe community there :)


This is so wierd that you posted a video about gel nails, as I just got mine done last night! I haven't gotten gels in a solid year and I just really wanted to have some nice nails to experiment with and paint over. They hurt SO MUCH this time when they went under the UV lamps, I have no idea why! I don't ever remember them hurting this much! And now today it looks like the gels are already lifting!! I think I need to stop in there again tomorow because I really don't think they should be lifting after one day!

Oh and I only recently (about 2 years ago) stopped biting, so yey for us!


price comparison sites

Thank God after all, some one introduced some thing other than traditional nail polish...


really cool nail art! and congrats on the blythe doll, i really want one :D queenie is a cute name too xxx


also where did u buy the doll from :P xxx

Gem Fatale

Your nails are epic!! Well done! Nail art is so time consuming isn't it? You just end up hating the world, but it's worth it when you wake up the next day to amazing nails.
Re: your boyf-related tuesday tip (which cracked me up!) I find you can buy love quite effectively with ice cream and sweets. I wish I was joking.


love your blog,
and was just wondering where you bought your blythe? i really want one but dont know where to start looking?! also any recommendations onn the correct price range?
p.s i know a while ago you did a post on Pauls Boutique, have you checked out the new clothes on the website!


Such pretty pictures of nail art, I really want to paint my nails now :) x


Ahh they are so cool! Though I'm always a victim to good left hand of nails and wobbly painted right hand.. & Just saw your bit in Company magazine! ♥


you've done it very well dear! the hello kitty looks cute!


Thanks you so much for posting this article :) I've always got loads of trouble with my nails, I used to bite them a lot too so I'm definitely gonna try gel nails :)

Ellena Hill

Hi ive just come accross your blog and I'm looking for a few weeks internship in London but I do events not Fashion and was wondering where abouts you are staying? surley your not traveling from Birmingham. As Im from York I cant afford to travel everyday and will take along time, and this is whats puttimg me of doing a internship. I'm also on a placement year now until next september and looking for a Events job hopefuly related to fashion in Manchester and was wondering if you have any idea's where I can look? As I'm at Leeds Met uni not Manchester. I've already tried the Fashion Network.

Thankyou, I would very much be greatful of a reply.


how cute kitty nail art! You've done it very well ~ I'm gonna to get some for me ~

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