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Hello Kitty, Play with us today

I haven't had the most productive day off as first I spent hours researching Blythe dolls and actually bought one, omg! It's a Pow Wow Poncho and was sort of a birthday present to myself as it seems weird to have it as a present off someone else when I ordered it myself. I just need to think of a name for her?! My favourite girl names are Queenie and Barbie, and I doubt I'd ever find a guy who would let me name any children those but Barbie isn't appropriate for a different doll! I'll wait until she arrives from Hong Kong to see if she looks like a Queenie! I'll have to find a great first outfit too.


The rest of the day was spent doing my nails. I did grow to like the white doves on black and a lot of you liked them too, but after a week I got bored and had saved loads of Hello Kitty nail inspiration from Fuck Yeah Pretty Nails and the nails category of the Hello Kitty Tumblr.


I tried!! You can't really go over and over the polish of nails and keep perfecting it because you mess it up even more and they go all lumpy, but I don't want to buy any nail pens as I already own a tonne of polish! I was using old liquid eye liner brushes but next time I'll make sure I'm in really bright daylight and go especially slowly. I know it would look neater if all the lines and dots were perfect but hopefully from afar they look OK! I also stuck on some pearls that I got in a nail art set from Poundland haha! On my right hand I've got pink and lilac leopard with pearls too.


Going to sort out the thumb! I mostly tried to follow a YT video and this girl does it absolutely perfectly! I can't embed it but click here if you want to see. I also made a video on gel nails on my YouTube channel! For those who wondered, these are what gel nails look like when you take off any polish.


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