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July 06, 2010


My Republic of Fashion

Fanatstic nails. Love the leopard print!SarahD:)


Lol very cute :)

Author in the making

well done with those leapord print nails, they look really great! ha ha, glad you could get those chavtastic nails sorted out xx


LOVE your leopard nails! :)

Gem Fatale

Wow they look actually amazing! Bloody good job!

Style Eyes Fashion Blog

Your nails look great. I am thinking of treating myself to some lovely nails before holiday as I just never have time to do them.


I love them!!!! :D


oh wow, i absolutely love how you painted your nails. i'm not a fan of the first set either, but i would have let them do it too!


Loove the nails, I haven't tried gems tutorial yet but must!


Ah Selina! Those look FIERCE. You should do more nail polish posts!

The Clothes Horse

Oooh, I want your nails. Especially the leopard print ones!


The stripy nails were so 90s haha :p But your nails look FAB now with the pink leopard print. I need to learn how to do that!


It's a bit good isn't it?! I get compliments wherever I go, an emo boy in Costa said they were pretty today, it's all good!



I love the leopard print!


i'm looking at leopard print fake nails and... i like them?!

oh, and i'm going out on a whim and guessing it's river island from the fact you're wearing jeans.


I'm wearing the Barry M lilac right now :) i got the mushroom one too when I was in Boots at the weekend! The colour is more pinky lilac than I expected - but its purple!

"I've read today but it is truly nice to read fashion gossip that's actually understandable and accessible. I'm subscribed to too many blogs that are all five-billion-pound-camera shots and daily 5inch designer heels."
TOTALLY AGREE. This is why I love your blog, you're real, you right about money/life/clothes/friends crises, we can relate to you. You're not condescending, your pictures aren't touched up x100000 in photoshop, you're not 6 feet tall with a boyfriend with a well paid job that buys you designer everything. You're one of my favourite bloggers ever. Haha, it sounds like i'm bitter because on my blog I use a point and shoot, update sporadically, don't have an exciting, exotic life where I wear chloƩ's all the time or find cute little dresses in my local thrift store that suit my perfect size 8, lithe figure and then i capture said outfit with my thrifted holga camera.


fritha louise

Love the pink leopard print! I'm finally growing my nails at the moment, but I might see about getting some gel ones done after seeing yours, they look so pretty and uniform!

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