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August 15, 2010



Yay for your Blythe doll! :) I love the idea of ca[es but they wouldn't suit my shape/the skirt lengths I have I don't think... I will live vicariously through you! :P

Maria xxx


The capes look gorgeous especially the one on Olivia Palermo but I'm not sure how I'd look in one, I'd have to try...because I'm always in the constant dilemma that they will just swamp me because I'm so short! They DO look ridiculously cute though!


I would quite like a navy cape, then I could feel like a 60s nurse or something.


ah i totally noticed about that damn cape changing shapes and style every time i see it! i like it a lot but share your qualms about early autumn/winter buying and wonder if it will swamp me as i'm quite diddy...



the capes are both gorgeous but i think if i was going to try the camel coat trend it would be more the classic trench kind, i like the androgynous styles!
by the way i couldn't believe that comment about your interview at Next- that sounds like you had a really weird person interviewing you...why wouldn't they want you to sell the dress, no matter what you thought of it?! it's what the customer wants that matters and surely they wouldn't want to be left with tonnes of "ugly" stock? haha strange.


Ever since you pointed out that camel cto me in topshop it's pretty much all I've been thinking about (clothes-wise)! I NEED to go try it on the DAY it comes out, I'm pretty much set on buying it for fall unless it just looks disasterous. I like the H&M one here, I think it's def worth a peek in store when it comes out.

ps- I think I need a Blythe doll now...



I was thinking about getting that ASOS cape too buuut its a bit too expensive. I would have to save up for over 2 months to get it! So I'm thinking its not worth it...
I got my perfect fall jacket already. Its vintage, only cost 8 euro and isn't chunky. Perfect! I could wear it through Winter aswell if I layered stuff under it :)


The h&m one looks like it would drape beautifully on curves. Sometimes you like an item, but it's just not quite right, so you wait for something better. If the original item sells out, who cares? If you really loved it you wouldn't have been waiting for something better and there's no use settling when there's 80 quid at stake!

I was also really frugal at uni last year, and am currently being forced to revamp my wardrobe as so much is old, battered and almost unwearable(think faux-leather jackets with rips from where i catch the sleeves on the broken buckle on my bag and i can't pretend it's tramp-chic much longer... just replaced that with a real leather muubaa biker from brandalley though). I spent a longggg train journey today making notes from grazia, look and elle and my list is:
a chunky patterned knit
jeans that fit(i have none, apparently i'm too bootylicious for the high street which wants to squeeze my arse into uncomfortable and unflattering shapes)
sheer scoop neck tops
leather satchel
a cheap aviator (next/lipsy)

Tessa Zeng

What an amazing coat/cape - I'm fascinated, as you are, by the fact that it looks different every time it is worn. Versatility is what makes a key item, I believe!

I'm going to have to try on that H&M one next time I'm in stores. Thanks for sharing :)

Style Eyes

I am trying to make up my mind over navy/ camel and coat or cape for winter too. My favourite so far is Coast although it is not in stock yet.


Hey, I think the H&M one is about £35, i've seen it in magazines

Author in the making

awesome cape :D i'm not sure about the H&M one though, i think i prefer the leather detailing xx ooh the blythe doll!!!

The Clothes Horse

I really admire your shopping I need to emulate it!


Thanks doll! What a bargain, must find it asap!xx




I really want this cape!

I don't think that I can justify £195 on a cape though...


I think i need sleeves. I want a nice winter coat dammit.

wow what an insightful comment.


any chance of doin an online sale? :)


I know exactly what you mean about never going shopping and just randomly picking things up - I always check online shops and ebay for ideas of what to buy and blogs and lookbook for ideas on how to wear them before buying anything, I just hate buying something on impulse that you never wear cos you have nothing to match it or whatever! Those capes are lovely, I'm thinking about a pair of leather shorts, the american apparel cable knit leggings and a fur or shearling coat/jacket for autumn! unfortunately me and my bank balance aren't quite on the same wavelength with this haha! xxx

Gem Fatale

Wow that cape on the left is delish, Just what I'm looking for! I want a really picnic-blanket looking one, maybe check material.
I am biding my time until I see my perfect cape. I don't want to make any rash decisions! They'll be everywhere in a month or so, so we'll have lots to choose from!
Someone brought up potential handbag issues in a discussion about capes the other day, but I'm just going to bury my head in the sand about it. I can just keep my phone and money in my pocket...
Thanks for congratulation me on the Asos thang!

fashion ice

i am loving the cape look for fall! come follow me xoxo

Emily and Abigail

i'm obsessing over capes i just picked one up at the alexander wang sample sale.. and i'm dying to wear it!! Can't wait to see what you find.


I tried the H&M cape on in the bullring today.
1) The colour was much more orange than it looked in photos, which I didn't like.
2) It's huge! I'm 5'2, but the XS was past my knees at the front and just looked stupid.
3) It's actually 50 quid and doesn't look or feel like it's worth that much at all.

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