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August 26, 2010



Heebie Jeebies is my favourite club in Liverpool!! Always good music and get to chatting with cool randoms every time!
Love those shoes, student loan is coming soon and they may sneak on to my huge to buy list haha


oooh man you've triggered insane lust and jealous in me! currently lusting after those carpet covered mary janes - please post if they go into production! also got my eye on a motel dress and those gorgeous floral bow pumps but not wanting to pay shipping all the way to australia... :(


grey Pollys?

I'd like to see the wardrobe tour please.

Tasha Gregson

Ah, so gorgeous. I love these!! :) xx


Ahhh, Heebees! love it. I'm from Liverpool and it's a regualr haunt when I visit!


wow, soooooo lovely! your combination of wedges and socks is beautiful. and adorable.

Author in the making

my gosh i'm in love with those shoes!!!!! the tights, socks, wedges combo is awesome too xxx


I would love to see a wardrobe tour and those shoes are gorgeous. I am having wardrobe issues myself :). x


Really do love this blog, every single post is so entertaining :)
those shoes are absolutely gorgeous...wonder if they were inspired by Kurt Geiger?
Office also have some amazing 'Tapestry' shoes that look like theyve been embroidered, with a big bow on the front? youd probably like those too!

im actually thinking of starting my own style blog. do you have any tips/advice? and is typepad.com the best website to use??
haha sorry for the ultra long post


i need those tapestry platforms!! :)


HAHA! xx i have those shoes! .. they are fab but ive rarely worn them! .. time to dig them out again maybe! xx


Emma Jade

I wish I was that critical when buying clothes! I buy anything that takes my fancy, which is not good for my bank account!
I nearly bought those shoes in the flowery style but they were just so high when i tried them on I felt like my calves were splitting! They look FAB though!


Yeahhh I'm a brummie! I have met at the bull but I really don't like the bull ring! I'm a ridiculously picky shopper, send back 70% of the stuff I buy online and reeeally take my time! I tried shopping in the bull ring on saturday but had no luck, it's so hard to get a good look at clothes when you're constantly being jostled about in such busy shops. I came home with a super plain u-neck dress and some jeggings- thanks for the tip ;)

Happier thoughts. I love those ankle boots. They're like a cuter, cheaper and more pratical version of Topshop's peep-toe, platform, black, suede, wedge ankle boots. Ergh what a mouthful! I'm so bad with pattern and exciting dresses, I prefer a one colour dress with sheer black tights and incredible shoes.


I love your shoes, socks, and tights!


Thanks for the ebay tip! I've been listing a lot of my items as auctions and sometimes i only get £4.99 (that as low as i will go) but sometimes i could get £20 for a dress, I just love the buzz of selling! I listed some items last night but from now on i am doing buy-it-now! Does ebay still take a percentage of BINs?

Those shoes are adorable, I am majorly envious of your ability to walk in heels. Theres a cute pair of clarks i might buy so i can start being glam and wearing heels during the day!

Thats so cool that a shopping centre has a blogging site! I love the quote in your opening sentence "I love the new fashion seasons because you’re quite justified to invest in the new!" haha so true girl!


Looove those shoes with those socks Selina, they're so adorable!

Also I am totally with you about the shopping rut thing, I can't seem to buy anything lately that's really worth it so I've been shopping my own wardrobe so to speak. I'm really loving Zara at the moment...

My sis went to Liverpool for uni and Heebies was her favourite club too! She raves on about it and from the sounds of it, for good reason too!

Also. George Lamb is amazing. What a dapper man! He is super tall though, my friend's bf interned with BBC radio 6 and that man is a giant!

Oh and yes hello to fellow Brummies!


I'm from redditch so practically a brummy! And yes, always at the bullring :)
Only discovered your blog a few months ago and i love it. Whilst blogs with professional looking photos of seemingly endless supplies of miu miu, chloe and others of my dream loves are lovely, it's nice to read something that i can really relate to!

City Girl (EC1)

Those shoes are divine! Could wear them every day :) City Girl x

Hotesses Paris

chaussures trop beau et impressionnant, vraiment ça.


Love the first shoes so much! so pretty!

office support

Wow  I want a pair of anyone of them. I keep seeing shoes like them, but can't find them.

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