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November 05, 2010



This skirt looks fantastic on you! I do the same thing where I calculte the amount of wear in my head and work out if it is worth it or not. I usually end up returning it then trying to find something simular in the op shop!
Love all these looks too! I'm still struggling with the look as I love it but I can't find a style that fits my body shape!

Ayesha x


Love the skirt but agree that sometimes when you take things home you end up realising it may not quite be worth it. I always leave my tags in until the day I actually decide to wear it! This length skirt is definitely not suited to me since I'm too short for them but I admire how you can pull them off Selina...but let's face it, you can pretty much wear anything :)


That skirt looks great on you, but I'm glad to hear you're considering the cost. We all need to be a little reasonable with our money sometimes, right? :)


The skirt looks great on you and is so cute! It's a shame you're returning it, though, as a student, I also completely understand how a 50-pound skirt would be an issue haha. Your top is also really pretty! I'd love to start wearing calf-length skirts but I'm barely 5 feet, even slightly slightly shorter, and curvy, so I doubt it would look good. What do you think? *sigh*


You look fantastic!
I really love it, I think you should totally keep it as it is lovely and you look so good in it. In fact, you have inspired me to see if I can find some mid length skirts because everything I have is like mid thigh. I totally understand the money and I guess you always have these photos and I understand not going out much because I am a university student and barely have anywhere to go except just to sit down and study.


It's just so wonderful on you, you really have managed to get the real look. Thanks for all the inspirational photos. I have added you as a friend on Hellocoton. My blog is mainly in French at the moment but some posts have an English translation. Bye. Tartangirl.


I've really struggled with mid lengths when they appeared on the catwalks this season. But a quick rummage in the wardrobe revealed a vintage Jaegar, mid length skirt which had been consigned to the scrapheap for being 'a weird length', which I had always secretly liked. Anyway, it is a funny length but I think more people can pull it off - your outfit here looks great.


Love this! I never would have given mid legnths a second thought but I actually really like the looks you've put up. I especially love that Garance Dore photo with the slouchy socks and brogue type heels.


I love longer lengths and I think you look absolutely adorable!


This outfit you're wearing is most amazing, but I do relate when it comes to items that look so terrific in a certain combination but don't go well with the rest of what you have. Therefore it's certainly sensible you'd return it.

I always love the way you elaborate your thoughts on certain items/trends. Everybody is pondering kind of the same things as you before a purchase, but you're so good at expressing it. I wish I could do that too.


Hi doll, thank you for your comment! i say go ahead and try this length, who knows how it will look! your height could be a fab advantage as theres loads of things id wear if i was more petitie, like those suspender tights and knee high socks, or maxi dresses look good with crop tops! you might like this bloghttp://www.lusttforlife.com/the girl is really teeny but has big hair and big heels and always looks fab!xx


To: jelibaby@hotmail.com


I love your zara jumper http://fascinationforfashion-akm.blogspot.com/

Camila F.

I absolutely adore this length! So many cute possibilities...

Camila F.


You're the first blogger I've seen who's worked this look, and it looks lovely. Zara did some really good D&G alpine knits too - so tempted!


It looks really really great but unfortunately this look doesn't suit me at all. I think I'm too tiny to wear longer skirts, if I do I look like a granny :/

x Viki

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She is absolutely stunnning!

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