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December 06, 2010



Love your christmas list. You have picked out some lovely things! x

A Little Brighter

Oh my gosh! I read about your keratin treatment coming out and I was just about to recommend Morrocan oil to you as an alternative, but you bet me too it!
Seriously AMAZING stuff! My hair is all dry and breaking (that's what going blonde twice does) and when I put this in my hair it feels like silk....especially if the hairdresser blow waves it too aaahhh) I have incredibly thick wavy hair but it turns it into thin looking (in a good way Zooey Deschanel sort of satin like hair, but still with perfect volume!) Sorry for the big rant about it, but I really think you should try it as I am in love!

Ayesha x


I have the L'Oreal primer and it really works! It is so velvety and a little goes a LONG way... It definitely makes my makeup last all day though :)

Maria xxx


Oh wow, what a great wish list. I like the Moroccon oil stuff too, they used it on my hair at Umberto but I found some Camellia oil essence at home (random) and found that most oils do the trick to get smoother hair. So you might not need to shell out on the hair oil!

I got a holiday brush set from MAC too years ago. It's a great way to get some lovely brushes but I find them really different to the actual full size brushes in terms of quality. But I LOVE the tartan eyeshadow palettes too. I like the smokey brown looking one!


Where can you buy morrocanoil? Ebay?


Love everything on the list, great post xox


Style Eyes Fashion Blog

I love anything from Lush too. Or any bath stuff that smells good. Also usual accessories.

Ali (hello birdy)

God, what's not on my Christmas wishlist? I very conservatively asked for a big fluffy dressing gown. And socks. And a few cheap DVDs. But whilst looking for other people I've spent thousands of pounds in my head for myself! Tsk tsk.

I don't actually spend hardly any money on make up and the like.. Currently using 40p shampoo too...oh dear, what a rubbish girl!

What shop are you working in Selina? :o)

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