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Wishlist of desperation!

Oh gosh, revision is sending me insane! Just the thought of two weeks more of zero fun makes me a feel a bit mental. I'm either going to quit my life or spend lots of money! Or I'll actually just revise solidly, accompanied by my revision essentials: Ribena, choc and lots of felt tips. I have to get my room really tidy, check all my emails, and do everything possibly distracting, then I'm on a role! I'm also on holiday from work over my exam timetable, which is OK but I do love my job! Especially as I do a mini shop during my shifts, checking out all the new stuff. I'm quite keen to try on some 'palazzo' trousers that everywhere is bringing out, but I don't know if I'd wear them. It's the whole problem of having to wear them with heels, so you never end up wearing them because you don't often wear heels. I know I'll wear heels to a lecture once in a blue moon! But I know I'll get wear out of my wedges with flared jeans this season, another thing every shop has now. I'm hoping to wear them with slouchy tshirts like this Wildfox one, although I'm not sure about the 'one size' fit, does anyone know how big that is? I did an internship at a PR agency that represented Wildfox and there was a huge box with about 300 Wildfox tshirts in it!

High waisted flares could also look fab with this cropped jumper from ASOS, that I just spotted on Niotillfem looking lovely. Sometimes cropped things feel a bit weird though; I always go to pull them down! Speaking of florals, I already own this Motel dress in black but I love the floral version! I also really like the sheer shirt dress that looks great in the Nasty Gal lookbook. Remember you can get 20% off Motel with my discount code in my sidebar! However I promised myself I'd spend only the money I earn in my wages on things like clothes and makeup, and my student loan on all the sensible things like rent/food/books etc. So back to revision it is! I can't wait until January 28th!!! But then it will be dissertation central. Uh ohhh!

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