Nails of the Week 4 and MAC makeover

Work Wishlist 3

How fast has this week gone?! I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow. Usually the first week of term goes really slowly as you have new classes, but I'm only in three days a week, but I work the other two weekdays. I can't believe this is my last term, sob! The last term of being a student. Work hard, play hard? My classes have way more seminars than usual and a lot of group work, and I have my dissertation in soon, so I'm really busy! Not too busy to check out the shops though, as I did after I had my hair cut on Tuesday. There is absolutely nothing I like! I'm really fed up of camel and anything forest green/burgundy/mustard. So like most Spring/Summers, you just have to do your own thing! There are some trends that I like though and I've got my eye out for a few things, but I'm trying to save for maybe a summer holiday. I picked up Elle Collections in WHSmith and put it straight back down because this season is so varied, it's hard to group major trends and really invest in them. I'm looking out for the high street supplements of all the mags though!

I'm not sure how much I'll be paid tomorrow but if I get my tax back, I might buy a few things I've been admiring this week! I was off work over exams but actually I do really love my job and it's almost therapeutic to tidy or stand at the fitting room for a few hours. I would probably value the days off if I had them free for uni work, but I think working in a store is key if you want to get a job in retail or fashion! The main thing I've got my eye on at the moment is shoes. I want some with a sliiight heel so you can wear maxi dresses that aren't dragging along the floor. These suede wedges are pretty perfect but around 4 inches, which is a bit too high for daytime. I'll have to try them on and see as we don't have them in our store yet! Remember I had these flat studded shoes in a previous wishlist but in black? The nude/lilac pair is online now, the original pair I wanted, and they're sooo nice in real life. They'd be amazing with bare legs. The extra studded lilac pair are tooo fabulous haha! You remember the grey heels I have with the bows on from Miss Selfridge? They're too scuffed to clean now but I might try to spray paint them black, have any of you had any joy with anything like that?

I also need some new jeans/leggings/jeggings whatever you want to call them! I haven't worn a short skirt in ages and ages! I don't have any I really love anymore. That reminds me that I haven't shown you my new coat! Will try and do an outfit post tomorrow. The ankle zipper jeggings are reallllly soft and the light blue pair just look comfy. That's what I like wearing nowadays, just cute shoes/boots and concentrate more on hair and makeup rather than a crazy outfit. I need a new uni bag since I haven't got mine back yet and I'm not sure I want to use it now even if I do! I like this lace covered bag as it's quite chunky, but I don't love it enough to buy it yet. I'm terrible at shopping for bags as I just see them as purely functional and never find the 'perfect' bag. I need a new going-out bag but can't find anything! I've never used a clutch and I don't want to risk it in case I put it down and dance off! And lastly, this maxi dress is so pretty in real life, the print is like the sky! It's so light that it would be amazing over a bikini on a beach. And it's only £5 in the sale! I seriously need a holiday to look forward to!!

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