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March 08, 2011



Haha I love it Selina! I've run out of gems and need to restock some so I can cover the back of my phone with gems. My friends used to hate mine when it was covered in gems but to each their own right? Kawaii!


Oh man, Ive got a HTC desire and ive been wanting a blinged up case for so long but unfortunately they only have them for the iphone. Think this has just inspired me to try this myself!
Hey Selina, just a quick q, is your blackberry case a gel/silicon one? Because the girl in the video you posted uses a hard plastic phone cover and im not sure if sticking the gels on a soft, squishy gel/silicon cover would work?


also incase you wanna buy more nail art supplies, i found this great supplier from japan:
love her stuff but im not sure if it's more expensive than what you get off ebay...


this is soooo cute!


Congrats on a full week of posts! Have really enjoyed all of your new material! And your blackberry looks adorable! x

I love your phone cover. I have been looking for an amazing cover for my iphone but couldn't find one. In the end I opted for a plain black leather one as I was worried it would get damaged by the time I chose one


Hey I have loads of blinged up cases for my iphone. I got them all on ebay for those saying they can't find any for iphones.

Love the DIY idea though! :)



Wow Selina! I love it!
Gosh you are so creative! :-)
Looking forward to the end result of the entire back covered...
Have a great day!


that's cute ^^ my iphone cover is basically covered with silicon glue and loads of cute pieces! it gets a little heavy though xD but you're right you can always take the cover off. no harm done =]


I love it! I have an Hello Kitty iphone case but it is nowhere near as cool as yours ha ha;)

Carol x


i love the gems and the kittys!
my iphone case is boring, and even so it is looking a bit tired, so maybe i should glue a lot of gems on it :) will have a look on ebay!


haha, love it! post a picture when it is finished! xx

Pitter Patter Raindrops

haha awesome! xxx


That came out really cute.

Headless in the Desert

That is so cute and you make it look super easy, i cant wait to figure out a theme and make my phone look cute and make it sparkle.

Helen F

Very pretty. I do like Blackberries but I feel obliged NOT to have one just cos everyone else has...


thanks for the reply selina!


I love this!!! My friend had her phone COVERED in bling, although I'd never do it, its also a guilty pleasure for me too! Did you look at the deco_den community on LJ, some of the stuff is incredible!

Intrinsically Florrie

Oh I love it! I've been wanting a Blackberry for two reasons: 1) because I hope it would be a good phone that will prove useful, 2) because I want to put sparkles and Hello Kitty on it!
Your design looks so pretty. Thanks for the tips.

Florrie x

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