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April 24, 2011



I love your videos, you're so likeable!
Palazzo pants are incredibly flattering and look so comfy and light for summer. I still need to buy myself a pair!

Go for it with the red dye - if you don't like it, you can just let it fade out, but I'm sure you wouldn't dislike it that much as it's still in line with the tone of your natural hair. x

P.S - You know that backcomb in a bottle you bought ages ago? Did you ever figure out how to use it right, because I bought it and had the same problem. It added volume for about 5 minutes and then just went flat. Wasn't much better than hairspray!



I normally find that straight/flicked out hair thing looks sooo plastic and aged, but it looks really good on you!
That's a compliment, not saying you look like OAP barbie!


Selina, I nominated you for a blog award! I love Flying Saucer so much and so thought you deserved it hahaa ;) read all about it on my blog, http://ismellfashion.blogspot.com

love the hair too, by the way ;)


I went home for a week and brought all my summer clothes back with me! It was like having a new wardrobe again! I love going back to the perfect summer dress, that took you a few years to find and now its a permanent fixture in your wardrobe!

I love both playsuits, the colours are so bright and punchy but the right kind of floral if you know what I mean? Not overly 80s like you said.

Have you made a decision on the hair colour?


i def think you should go with that colour, it'll go so well with your skin tone and will look amazing in the summer! you can always re-dye it if you dont like it...

Check out my blog guys :)


'Storm' has to be my favourite Sleek palette! The dark colours are really good for night-time looks and they seem to last really well. I don't know whether this has something to do with the fact they're mineral eyeshadows or not. I use the silvery purple colour all the time. ^_^

Also I was looking at those eyelashes too but the price put me off, as I've only ever worn false eyelashes once before. I ended up buying 'Girls with Attitude' ones that were quite thick (and only £4.50, but the glue was terrible) but I haven't seen any more double-layered ones I'm afraid. :(


Love all your summer dresses. I've been doing the same thing as my few summer bits remain stored at home. The one you think is too young- I wouldn't say so, maybe with some chunkier jewellery or with brogues to toughen it up a bit. I'm hoping it'll be a bit warmer through the exam season too, so nice to pull on lighter clothes.


Red dye tends to fade quite quickly, so it probably won't be TOO permanent! If you wanted to try out a really red colour, you could try a stargazer/manic panic type dye. I used to get them from the Oasis market, back in the day - I imagine they still sell them! They're semi-permanent, so could be worth a trial. Take a look on their website for colours: http://www.stargazer-products.com/listings/?id=1&sub_id=9

Good luck!

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