30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 2
30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 4

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 3

    3. A piece of clothing or jewelry that was a gift

I was stumped by this question as I can't find any clothes or accessories that weren't bought by me! I can think of some high-street jewellery now that my Mom or sister may have got me but I'm not really big on birthdays so usually get little things rather than big jewellery pieces or expensive clothes. I had to rack my brain for something I didn't once upon a time buy and remembered this dress which I pulled out a few days ago to start wearing now the weather is warmer. It's a Mink Pink dress gifted from one of my internships as a thank you, that was such a sweet office! Hung up doesn't do it much justice as it's fitted at the waist and has a flared out skirt. I remember it has a little rip in one of the seams now and I have a few other things I need to alter too, so I might pick up a mini sewing kit tomorrow and attempt some wonky hems. I'm kind of annoyed right now because my camera cable has mysteriously disappeared! I don't think I left it at home so it must be somewhere in my room, but it's tidy so I have no idea where it got to! Nothing more annoying than losing something, hmmm where can it be!

Also if you have a blog and want to do this tag, feel free! I got it off another blog myself so I'd love to see others do it too. Also here is my April Favourites video!

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