Go Wild!
Holiday 2011 - Gran Canaria

Hello Bristol!

I'm currently sweltering in my new room in Bristol! I have almost unpacked but I left unpacking clothes until last and now don't have much room left! I'll show you some pictures or maybe do a room tour when I'm finished. I start work tomorrow so have got some time to sort everything out and prepare; very daunting as I have a new job in a new city and I'm living in a new house and I know no one! I'm living right in the centre in a huge old house (see I even have a fireplace!) and as a few people have moved out and in, I'm living with six boys! There are two girls but they are not here right now, although I met one before and she was lovely. I am the total opposite of those girls who prefer male company and don't have many female friends, I've never understood that! I'm definitely used to girly gossiping and both spending the whole day getting ready to go out and watching makeup YouTube videos together and talking about celebs and walking round the house bra-less, etc. Not that you can't do any of those things with guys but it's just a bit different! I've never lived with guys apart from in student halls in Sweden, but all the guys here seem great and we're all 'professionals' so it's a different sort of lifestyle! Who knows, it could be just as good as living in an all girlie household. Not sure a request of a topless Ricky Whittle poster in the living room will go down as well as in my old house haha!

I'm still in uni-mode in my head so it doesn't feel like I'm not a student anymore, staying in the same place for up to nine months. I am mourning the loss of student discount and will craftily try to flash my card while covering the date. In a few months I expect to wonder where the summer has gone, as I'm used to a few months at home! However I won't have to read any journals or rush any essays so I'm eeeexcited for tomorrow! As a student you don't have much routine, so working 9-6 could mean I'll have more time in the evenings with my laptop. Also I'm so close to the shops! I'm on a self-imposed clothing and makeup ban though as I've never worn anything in Bristol so practically have a brand new wardrobe at the ready. I also need to demolish the overdraft, let alone start paying back student fees which are gaining interest as I type/you read! I haven't been on here much recently as I was moving home to Birmingham and then here, and I managed to squeeze in a 3 day holiday, which I booked the day before! I'll do a post on it as I took photos of every outfit and had an excuse to wear all the super summery things I bought over the past few months hoping they would tempt fate to get me to a beach!xx

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