The Pull and Bear Party in Spain!
Go Wild!


Hi guys! On the weekend I went to a festival in a park right by my house and the reason for the website pic above is that I randomly won a ticket! My housemate tagged me in a picture on Facebook and then they put up a status saying they were looking for a Selina, and they had actually messaged me but my Facebook doesn't work! I get notifications about ten years later. Part of the prize was to have your face in the Parklife wall, can you spot mine? It's like a Where's Wally, I've pointed it out at the end of this post! I also made a video of the day at the end too.

My housemate Sophia and I got there bright and early but as we were in the queue, a literal plague struck and it started absolutely chucking it down, and then started hailing! Some girls in front of us only had sandals on and soon it was a big rush to get to the front of the queue, so we shared our umbrellas with them and hurried to get in!

 After that downpour, the weather was fine! We hit this vitaminwater free photobooth but Sophia wasn't too happy when it created an album on her Facebook of 'great memories' hahaha. This was in a weird field where everything was all hippy dippy and a bit random. Why there were halves of baths, I do not know!

I wore a H&M bright coral maxi dress with a H&M cardigan over the top, and thankfully I didn't throw away my furry New Look booties after winter as they were perfect for the mud.

The first day was quite sunny and we had some looovely noodles at the wagamama lounge, you know we love to eat and party! Also a nice change from the greasy burger stands, even though mine is always vege! The big green ring below was a light up one from the Desperado's tent that lit up in the dark, I don't usually wear huge lime green rings haha.

The festival is one that all students go to so we didn't really consider the line up as top priority, but it was fab! Katy B had bright red hair, a girl after my own heart.

And this was Kelis! It was a dance festival so she was some light relief and said loads of weird things like how it was more fun for her than us watching, which didn't really get you enthused!

On the second day we woke to CONSTANT rain ALL day ahhhh! Mark Ronson did a really good set even though it was a total mud bath and you had to wave your umbrella around.

We also saw Darwin Deez who you might know off the New Look advert, and they did loads of funny Napoleon Dynamite-style dances in between some songs haha!

wagamama had an interactive wall where you could 'paint' a picture with a spray can (although nothing real came out of course!) and Sophia made this masterpiece of Belle and Ariel, awww!

Since it was a student festival, the mud baths turned into mud wars and people were wrestling each other in their underwear! One girl who must have been totally out of her tree managed to walk into the centre of the circle before realising where she was, and a totally muddy man floored her as she made a run for the side, poor girl!!

We ended the festival with Mystery Jets as we'd had so much dance and drum & bass all weekend! We spotted a security guard having a snooze at the side haha.

Did you notice me in the picture? How strange!

And here's a little video collection from the festival. Thank God it wasn't camping!

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