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July 06, 2011


Jo - Lost in the Haze

They look amaaazing! I remember you posting when you bought them, and it made me really want a pair of flares! The feeling has returned again, and I may just have to spend my morning following your advice and having a wee eBay search!



Selina, I have a confession to make... I bought high waisted flares in a flat-out copy cat move. I lovvvvveeee your jeans and I haven't gotten them out of my head since I first saw them. I found ones I loved on the Topshop website from the Tall line (I love that they're crazy long so I can wear platforms!) and I got my friend who was studying in England to buy them for me over there and bring them home for me :) She got home last week and I can't wait to wear the jeans (they're great but not as high waisted as I would have liked)! If I do an outfit post with them I'll defo link you :)

Awesome outfits btw, Jil Sander homage is spot on and obvvvviiiously I love the flares!!


Helen F

Love the jeans! I have some similar but I don't find jeans very comfortable so I barely wear them :(


I remember when you bought these and I didn't like them, but now I see their genius! I wish I had some :( You look really, really cute, and I agree with you, 70's fashion is super sexy


These flares make you look amaaaazing Selina! How tiny is your waist?! I love the polka dot body too.

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