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August 22, 2011


Sweet Potato Sarah

I'm celebrating having a second interview for a potential job this week! I've been looking for months and i'm so happy to finally have a chance to earn some cash :D
Hope i win, i loooove the smell of Aussie stuff!


I'm celebrating not having to do a 4 week excavation and instead getting loads of hours at work!
My favourite product is the deep condtioner!


I'm will soon be celebrating 4 months with my amazing boyfriend :) x


WOW Aussie have been very generous indeed to all its Angels!

I'm currently celebrating that after many many months planning, I will be heading off to Australia on Saturday to see one of my bestest friends (she moved there in Sept 2008)! I've never been before and very very excited!

I love the take the heat leave in spray!



I'm celebrating the fact that I've made it through the first two years if my degree & done pretty well so far (but also worrying that I graduate next year!) x

Frances Bradbury

I'm celebrating getting into uni! Woo! My favourite product is the leave-in conditioner.


I'm celebrating my little sister getting engaged! And it has to be the 3 minute miracle... LOVE that stuff.


Stephanie May

Any day now I will be celebrating my baby niece/nephew being born. My sister is due tomorrow so fingers crossed peanut (as he/she is affectionately called) doesn't keep us waiting. It's her first baby and we are all so excited.

p.s. It was lovely to meet you at the SW blogger meet last week.



I'm celebrating handing in my MSc dissertation this week, and also my new job starting in October! My favourite Aussie product is take the heat 3 minute conditioning treatment! My twitter is @saramwrap

Thanks! xx


well, in roughly a month's time i'll be celebrating re-freshers back at uni - does that count?? for now, it's just being at home, and trying to get free drinks in every bar in my home town by bullying my friends into doing gigs, aha.
hmmm, favourite product would probably be the miracle moist deep conditioner.


I'm doubly celebrating a new job and a lovely new flat :D Favourite product would be the 3 minute miracle deep conditioner.


I'm celebrating my 21st birthday this Sunday! I'm so excited - for some reason I feel like this is the age when I will officially be 'a grown up'. Haha! My favourite product would be the 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner since my hair is so dry from excessive colouring.
My twitter:!/seonaidbee

Seonaid x

Helen F

Wow what a great competition! My favourite product is the 3 Minute Miracle conditioner, it smells soooo good. And I'm celebrating the fact that it's 3 weeks today until my trip to Barcelona :D My email is :D

fritha louise

I'm celebrating being in the top 20 shortlist for the Look Show blogging competition :O
Also still celebrating the fact that I turned 21 last Friday!
I could do with some deep conditioner for my extensions because they are fried atm, so some 3 minute miracle would be ace!


Being one year (and one half of the way) through my training contract as a trainee solicitor and loving it!!


I'm celebrating moving in with my lovely boyfriend after 3 and a half years together :) and my fave Aussie product is definitely their Take the Heat 3 minute miracle conditioner! Smells amazing and makes my hair super soft xx



I'm celebrating (finally) meeting up with my friends for dinner this week after not seeing some of them for almost a year!
My favourite product has to be the 3 minute miracle. It smells amazing and does wonders! :)
dearjoy[at] xx


I am celebrating a new job! And the beginning of my last year of school too!
3 minute miracle looks sweet I would love to win!
Thanks for the giveaway :)


I'm celebrating graduating with a degree in Fashion Promotion! I just finished my three year course and now I need to get a job! Hopefully this will be a great year for my career! my favourite product has to be 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner it sounds magical! :D

Great giveaway!




I'm celebrating three months without drugs :) And three months of amazing happy memories and a really great job! Wheey :)

Sophie (Crown and Glory)

LOVE Miracle Moist, they all smell so devine though! I'm celebrating being my own boss - and the beginning of a new adventure for Crown and Glory!

Sophie (Crown and Glory)

Oops I forgot to leave a contact!
Twitter: @crownandglory_

:) Sophie xx


I'm celebrating FINALLY getting a job after 7 months of searching! My favourite product is Luscious Long conditioner. :) And me e-mail is I'm off to RT this give-away. :)


I'm celebrating my first ever trip to Paris! I am an Aussie, and I've been living in London for the past 9 months but I still haven't made it to Paris yet. So this weekend I'm biting the bullet and taking myself off to the city of lights all by myself. Sooo excited!
My favourite product is the Dual Personality anti-frizz+conditioning milk. My hair is super curly and I can't do a thing with it unless I have this product.


I'm celebrating getting my new job and being able to go shopping! My favourite product is the 3 Minute Miracle Colour Deep Treatment!

Little Bookworm

Aussome Volume and Conditioning Mousse looks amazing! I'm celebrating starting the Bible in a Year in September and having a big family summer-gathering :) please could you leave a comment, to contact me? xxx


I'm celebrating getting into uni. I can't wait to start now! I love the lucious long 3 minute miracle.


Triple celebrations next week- my 21st birthday, being with my boyfriend for a year and starting a new job at university :)My favourite product is Luscious Long conditioner.
My email is :):)


I'm celebrating losing weight thanks to you suggesting sweet potato sarahs blog,she is such an inspriation to me! I've lost 2 pounds thank to her :) My


Hi Selina :) I'm a long time reader, but first time commenter.

I'm celebrating Australia's 110th anniversary of becoming a nation! Just kidding. I'm not entering as I'm actually Australian, which makes me ineligible, but just wanted to say that we don't actually have Aussie hair care here. Ironic, right?

Since I'd never heard of it I gave it a quick google and found out that apparently it's an American company, and now owned by Procter and Gamble, so apparently it's no longer cruelty free by association. Just thought I'd let you know these tid bits of info because I know you're an animal friend, and well, the Aussie thing is just interesting haha

Lucy D

Hi Selina! What a lovely prize. My Aussie must-have-can't-do-without is the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner for Coloured Hair - as a bottle platinum blonde my hair sticks together like Barbie locks when wet (seriously, yuck) and this makes it super soft. Love the Miracle Moist too, mostly for the same reasons...

This week I am celebrating leaving my incredibly boring and unfulfilling day job and going off to be ultra broke pursuing my dream of becoming a radio producer. Friday is my last day, and I can't wait to not be stuck behind a desk any more.

Love your blog, I've been reading since pre-Sweden!



I'm celebrating finishing college and moving across the country to go to university in Brighton :)

I can't live without the colour mate range from aussie as it keeps the colour in my hair for so long and conditions my damaged hair!

Iona xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I'm celebrating getting into university and ALREADY scoring some work experience in my new city as of September! I would LOVE something from the luscious long collection.

Thanks Selina x x x x x

Lisa McAtackney

I'm celebrating my first wedding anniversary!! So happy!


I am celebrating making it to the final year of my uni course! My favourite product is the 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Deep Treatment. Email:


I'm celebrating having a week off work! Woo! my email is and fav product is the take the heat cream! xxx


I'm celebrating my newly found control over my anxiety disorder, after 3 years I finally got the hang of how to control it and couldn't be happier! Shame about no Aussie party as I'm too late but just sharing the celebration! :D
ps: thx for keeping the blog alive! :)

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