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August 06, 2011



The ardell ones are really good too. I'm wearing them pretty much everyday at the moment.

Little Bookworm

love your hair! and that coral lipstick xx


Your nails look so cool!
I nearly bought those lashes once but chickened out because i'm scared i'll look overly drag-queeny in them because i'm quite tall and like a good red lip on a night out haha. I always go for the fluttery natural ones because they don't scare me!

Jo - Lost in the Haze

I am crazy about your coral nails! Lost in the Haze

Intrinsically Florrie

What perfect timing, I was just about to start researching false lashes this evening. I really fancy getting some for a more editorial style photoshoot I have in my head, and want to do doll like make up.
How's taking them out?

Florrie x


I always love seeing your videos. You're so funny and sweet! Great buys. I'm kind of scared about trying double lashes in case they look ridiculous, but I might give them a try. Your haul has made me want to go out and shop! x

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