Nails of the Week 16
My Birthday Outfit!

Get lashed

False lashed that is! Fritha and Victoria have each let me know about Superdrug's own new range of lashes that includes a double lash pair but they seem to have sold out in all the Superdrugs I've visited! So I got another pair of Eylure 202 double lashes which are only £4.99 in New Look but £7+ everywhere else so get down there! There are actually 2 types of Eylure double lashes; a really chunky black pair or this fluttery pair. Once you go double, you never go back!

By the way, double lashes are just like two sets of lashes on top of each other but on one normal strip, so they are extra full. I always cut lashes at the strip so they fit my eye better, but remember to cut them at corresponding ends so you don't end up with a mismatching pair! I only use Duo glue sold at MAC which just WORKS and make the lashes much easier to stick on. My tips are: get a mirror that you can stand/sit really close to, make sure you apply them in loads of light so you can see what you're doing, and make sure the glue isn't still wet when you apply- it should have dried a bit and be sticky. Don't overload with glue either! Just put on a little line with a cotton bud or hair grip, with a bit extra on the ends to make sure they stick down well.

I'm going out with my sister later so I'll try to do a double Outfit of the Night video with her or the Sister Tag if we have time! If you're staying in tonight or reading this on Sunday, here's a little haul video of things I got recently. Lots of bargains in there too xx

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