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August 23, 2011



I love your blog!



Lovely! So few people do video posts, such a good idea xx



love all your outfits :) funny about the elephant ring going around tumblr!


Suffering severe aches from fitness programmes also, I share your pain! Going from sitting to standing is really quite unpleasant at the moment!

Loving the coral on your nails, I have quite small nails, and can't stand to have them very long, so they look a bit odd with those gorgeous brights that you pull off so well.


Love these outfit videos. I also really adore how you've lined up your nail polishes in the background, colour order? Yay!

Love that gold h&m necklace, I was so tempted to buy it myself, would look awesome tucked under the collar of a blouse! Wish I'd bought it now!

It's funny with tumblr- I tumbled a pic of a HK blogger of her shoes/socks and it almost has 7K notes! Crazy!


Love your style and blog too!!!


love these outfits!<3 could you post a link to your tumblr? xx


Your nail polish is amazing!Love love love that colour. I have to say i think that the last outfit is my favourite but you look so beautiful in all of them!


So lovely and pretty. Also, love the lined up polish xx


love your ootd video! SO didn't know you had a youtube account....subbing! :)

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