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The Look Show Westfield Stratford 2011!

London Fashion Week SS12

Hi guys! Gosh I don't know if I'm coming or going as the past week has been so busy! I went back and forth to London on Thursday and Friday and again on Saturday as Fritha invited me as her +1 to the Look Show at the new Westfield! I'll talk about that tomorrow but for now I'll bypass my Thursday in London where I had Motel meetings and I accidentally spent loads in Forever 21, and talk about fashion week! I've only been to fashion week once where I traipsed round loads of shows in my killer heels and there was a LOT of queueing. This time however I was there for Motel as we were taking street style snaps and I went one show, and it was great!

It may have been because I got there on the first day but I'm sure this season's fashion week was much calmer than normal. I was really excited for my one show as it was in the main tent at Somerset House, so I got to London nice and early and hopped on the tube. I changed into my Miu Miu shoes in a random fake Apple shop nearby and walked about a centimetre a minute to the main venue as those shoes are damn high! The day was really sunny and warm but the place almost had a beachy vibe where everyone was laid back and soaking up the atmosphere rather than creating it. Sure I spotted a few crazy outfits, but everyone seemed to take a step backwards and be wearing something more subtle. As I was navigating the cobbles with my heels, I heard a call from Kristabel and met a group of friendly bloggers! It always feels quite nice to stick together and we had a little chat before I dashed into the Caroline Charles show.


I've been to a few shows before but I only applied to a few morning ones this year on the off chance I'd get a ticket. I presumed I was standing so I walked all the way around the edge to near the catwalk entrance, but there I found about 5 rows of benches free! I still stood near the top though so I could see and lets just say I will definitely buy a straw boater hat in Spring! I looked along the front row and love to wonder just who everyone is - probably writers of the magazine articles I read every month and I'd never know!


After the show I simply hung around on my Blackberry before the fantastic Motel photographer came, and people keep coming up to you for photos! I wore all Motel of course, which was the Talia Lace Top and Mandy Rockies Skirt, which the photographers loved! I knew they always look for interesting prints, and loads and loads took photos of just my Miu Miu teacup shoes too. My bag is 

We shot some SERIOUSLY amazing looks for the Motel Blog so do keep checking the coverage there over the next few days, I'm so excited to publish it all! These photos are all by the Motel photographer and all round amazingly lady Lora English, whose snaps are so lovely. She also got some of Nicola Robers entering a show!!


It's quite hard to locate any photos taken but I met The Style Scout and Mr Newton, who nearly got ran over when he took a photo of me near the entrance and then said 'They photos are great but the wind is blowing the skirt between your legs' hahaha! I am certainly not chic but I recommend heading to fashion week to everyone! Just put on your favourite outfit and soak up the atmosphere with a friend!

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